While in Cape May Tomer empowered several pieces, as did Michael. Following his transformation he was energized with the powers of the beginning of his journey. His follicle energies utilized a few items ad then Tomer later strengthened them with his touch as well. All items have been tested and are strong and powerful~! We can broaden perception almost immeasurably. The physical eye, if normal and thoroughly trained, is fit to be “all seeing.” So, can you make your mind capable of widest vision over all the fields of possible opportunity? Some are within your present mental view, others you can see only after going farther or climbing higher in knowledge. You cannot comprehend the biggest possibilities of success in their entirety by narrowed mental sight, unless you have a third eye awakening piece. The essential invocation of this piece is that it will open your eyes fully, and allow you to look all around you to gain the most powerful energies that linger in the realms. Access to the realms is much easier with a full third eye awakening, which this ensures. Michael imposed blessings of goof nature and Tomer completed the strengthening with the awakening component. Before you leave your present environment, have an intelligent conviction that you are capable of bigger or different successes than you may find within your immediate reach... this is why you need a piece like this -- to broaden the attributes of power that you will be able to impute and utilize! This is a great item~
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