While in Cape May Tomer empowered several pieces, as did Michael. Following his transformation he was energized with the powers of the beginning of his journey. His follicle energies utilized a few items ad then Tomer later strengthened them with his touch as well. All items have been tested and are strong and powerful~! This is a cherished item that holds loving charisma and chakra connections. It will help you implore grace and serenity into your soul. This piece will cultivate grace into your movements—for grace is pleasing to everyone. You will be able to carry your body naturally, especially your head, with such a bearing that total strangers will feel pleasure when they look at you. You will be a person who pleases everyone at matter what sort of face you have, if it habitually expresses your pleasure in living, it will look pleasant. A look of pleasure is pleasing to others. This goes hand-in-hand with your appearance, there is something wonderful about seeing others thoroughly enjoying themselves. Most of us feel this way, and our own faces brighten when we come across pleasantness anywhere. Please others with your smile. It should not be just an affected smirk but a smile of genuine friendliness for the entire world. Be courteous invariably. You will learn and observe the rules of politeness. Utilize manners, etiquette and protocol. Differing morals, ethics and values make up the world. Courtesy and politeness are not natural attributes. In preparation for success, you will need to develop those attributes to an unusually high degree. You may intend on being courteous and polite, but only the development of the fixed habit will fully support your intention. You cannot be polite, however courteous you mean to be, unless you make an effort to prepare yourself with knowledge of what polite people use. In order to be polite, it is necessary that you do the courteous and correct things.... which will naturally impose themselves through this piece! This seems probably strange for most of you, because you think it is easy to be nice and courteous... but truly the facets have to be aligned to implore the power of it. Too many people are fake to try to look a certain way... with this you truly will radiate with charisma and white light energies. The energies will empower your spirit and bring you luck, happiness and solitude in generative wealth. VERY COOL AND UNIQUE PIECE!
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