Ionian Philosophers' Mystery School The Ionian School is an ancient mystery school from the year 643 BC. It was a mystery school for Philosopher's where they went to learn ancient forms of magic and divination. IT was from these schools that the technique that has been placed into these pieces by Tomer has been developed. Tomer had actually, at one point in time, attended this mystery school, so he knows a lot of what went on and how to activate the powers that were taught. In the past, the universe and its cosmic and solar powers were the primary form of divination that would allow humans to become full white-light beings. Over the years, as humans continue to become dumber and dumber, and the powers in their minds become weaker and weaker, these powers become diminished. Eventually, they became all but extinct, except for those immortal adepts who have kept the secrets. There's no need to worry though, because Tomer has shared their main ancient form of divination with us. These items will allow you to pull energy and magic from the solar system and the stars. It will open up your body, allowing you to become so enlightened that you will become almost God-like. You will become a full white-light being that will give you the ability to practice full-on, straight-up, white light powers. The best part is that there are no restrictions on these powers, other than the obvious-- they are white light powers, so they can only be used for good: healing, mind enlightenment, aura cleansing, astral travel along the network of constellations, psychic communications with spirits, angels, and white light beings, time lapsing in both the past and the future, making your own spells, creating your own magic, etc. I think you get the picture. This is the utmost power, thanks to Tomer, who has fully maximized the powers in these pieces!! THIS IS ANOTHER INDIVIDUALLY TAILORED ITEM THAT WILL BE FULLY COMPLETED WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR PURCHASE. LET DEEDEE KNOW WHEN YOU'VE MADE YOUR PURCHASE AND WE WILL BEGIN THE FINAL TOUCHES. THESE PIECES ARE DONE IN ALL STERLING SILVER!!
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