This piece will take you on a journey where you will discover a fascinating new way to understand your financial life. It will make your money your friend instead of your enemy.

Money is a form of energy that is best used when managed for spiritual growth!

This Irish Magical wand will help you master your financial anxieties and issues. This wand will assist you in decision-making and teach you how to examine your fears and issues in the context of your financial facts; family, money, history, and stage of life.

This is a glorious piece filled with intellect and wealth. This piece was given to Lindy by an Irish neighbor who got it in Ireland. The wand was blessed in the pool of riches that resides in the Irish country side; the wand can be adorned as a pin or simply held in your hand to bring you good fortune and wealth.

Before receiving this piece Lindy was having a few problems with her finances, but this magical wand brought structure, peace of mind and money her way!

This piece is used to alleviate stress from financial issues-- it will help you realize how to use your money wisely to make sure you are able to survive and grow. After learning and getting the guidance from this wand you will then be on your way to wealth!

All it takes is the magic of this piece to help steer you down the right path and you will learn the secrets to saving and making more money ~ this piece is a lucky token on Lindy's that she is willing to part with to bring the knowledge to someone else!

Once you gain the abilities of magic and knowledge from this piece you will inhabit the teachings for the rest of your life -- you do need to work with the piece and give it time to strengthen your stability with your finances.

This is a pin and can also be held and waved over bills and money.

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