Is there life out there? -

This piece appeared out of thin air one night while we were passing through Bucks County, PA. we were headed home from a convention and saw an object in the sky with a rectangular light panel or window on each side; the UFO moved away quickly and although we only saw it for a minute, it seems like an eternity!

We quickly jumped out of the car to try and see where it went and to investigate. Deedee and I were near each other and all of a sudden I heard her yell. She was startled by a flash of light right in front of her and then this multitude of glowing color appeared in her hand; it was a gem and it continued to glow for hours!

We ran many tests and performed rituals with this piece and found that it held powers of another kind. It definitely came from the UFO we saw...we then knew it was a spacecraft with Aliens. This stone transports you into the realm of Outer Space. You will be welcomed onto a spacecraft and will be used for experimentation's.

You will not be harmed, but may be implanted with technological devices. Peter tested this piece and after his encounter he told us how he was strapped down and kept feeling tingling on his leg. Now back with us he was able to inspect and found a small hole in the back of his calf; we were all mesmerized by this discovery! It was our proof that our visits were not only astral, but physical as well.

Deedee has used this several times and has encountered new ideas and gained strengths and learned how to understand the lifestyle of our admired Alien creatures. This stone has been set into a tie tack so you can wear it prominently and transport at your leisure... you will transport and feel like you were gone for hours, but in reality people will just think you dazed for a minute. Your physical body will not leave where you are; however your physical body will take on the effects of whatever happens to you in the astral endeavor, like it did to Peter~

This is an amazing piece and is very rare!

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