Halo of Angels, White Light Network Let me just begin by saying that these pieces are extremely powerful. How and why I got them isn't really that big of a deal. I will say that they are from a connection that I hold from Vatican City, religion's capital of the world. They are authentic and all hold authentic powers that have been summoned from the realms of Heaven. In today's society, minds are growing dumber and people's thoughts are growing more and more sinister. There is corporate greed. There are people that want to pervert the minds of others via mind control or manipulation. There are others that want to render the human race mindless zombies and take over our bodies. It is now more than ever that we need a network of white light powers that we can fall back on. They are harder and harder to come by these days, but you know that Haunted Curiosities always finds a way to deliver. See, what people do not know is that there is a constant power struggle going between dark and light forces. We are hanging on by a thread, always in jeopardy of being relinquished to the dark forces that are working so hard to capture our soul. God has waged an all-out war against all evil forces, regardless of their origin. In the end times, the war will end and peace will resume; however, it is important that we do not lose our souls along the way. Since, as humans we were all given free will this tends to be tricky from time to time. This is why these pieces were developed in the first place. Each item holds your connection to a network of angels that will fight on your behalf, to bring you white light divination. They are called the Halo of Angels and they have been instructed by God to form a network to be on standby to serve and protect humans... also to give them white light divination to ease the tension and pains of life. These pieces summon the Halo of Angels, putting you in the network. It is to be understood that the angels aren't specifically in each piece. Rather, when you need an angel from the Halo, you use your piece to summon it. It will appear to you, assisting you with whatever requests you may have. The following angels are in the network and are at your full disposal: Afriel: Angel of youth Anael: Angel of Romantic Love Anahita: Angel of Fertility Anauel: Angel of Prosperity, success, and wealth. Akatriel: Reveler of divine mysteries; angel of proclamation Gabriel: Angel of mercy and vengeance; ruling prince of the first heaven; chief of angelic guards over paradise Haniel: Angel of spiritual transport; he is the angel that took Enoch to Heaven Johoel: Mediator of the ineffable name; prince of presence Metatron: Chancellor of Heaven; Angel of the sustenance of mankind Michael: Warrior angel; chief angel of the Lord Phanuel: Archangel of penance and spiritual rejuvenation Raphael: Angel of healing, science, and knowledge; regent of the Sun Rikbiel: Warrior Angel; Prince of the Merkabah angels Sopheriel Mehayye| Sopheriel Memeth |: Twins; Keepers of the book of life and death Soqued Hozi: Warrior Angel appointed to the sword by God; also, Keeper of divine balances Sandalphon: Originally the Prophet Elijah; Angel of power and glory Shemuil: Intercessor of divine prayers Yefefiah, aka Dina: Angel of Divine Texts Zagzagel: Angel of Godly and Divine Wisdom THROUGH SHARING WE HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS NETWORK. ALONG TIME AGO IT WOULD HAVE BEEN HARD TO DO BUT BECAUSE OF THE TIME WE ARE IN IT CAN NOW HAPPEN.WE HAVE DONE ALL DIFFERENT TYPES OF PIECES AND YOU MAY TELL US WHAT TYPE OF PIECE YOUR LOOKING FOR,PENDANT,EARRINGS,BRACELET,RING,NECKLACE. RIGHT NOW WE HAVE A BUNCH OF THEM DONE AND READY. I DIRECTLY SPOKE TO THE ANGEL OF SANDALPHON WHO APPEARED BEFORE TO TELL ME OF MATTERS TO COME. I ASKED THAT WE ALL BECOME PROTECTED AND THIS IS HOW THE NETWORK BEGAN. I HOPE THAT IF THERE IS ONE PIECE YOU BUY IT IS THIS ONE BECAUSE ALL TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE USING PURE WHITE LIGHT. I WILL ALSO BE GIVING A DISCOUNT ON THIS STARTING NOW AND GOOD THROUGH THE MONTH OF AUGUST. THEY ALSO MAKE SOME OF THE BEST PRESENTS AT CHRISTMAS TIME.
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