Univeral Discovery Piece -<br /><br />

Behold, the key to a parallel universe.  I got this piece from a client in El Paso, Texas.  My client claims to have established contact with an ancient extraterrestrial species.  At first, I dismissed his claims, thinking that he didn't have much credibility to his claims.  Everyone is in to win it these days and I thought maybe he just wanted celebrity status.  Conversely, one day I discovered this item in an envelop in my mailbox, with his return address stamped on it.  Accompanying the piece was note that read, simply, "Enjoy." <br /><br />

Truth be told, I was little creeped out.  I called in my trust companions DeeDee and Flamie to help me run some tests on the piece that the guy from El Paso had sent me.  After and extensive examination, involving several tests, we were able to determine that what this piece actually holds is a black hole.  This black hole will enable you to travel to a foreign alien realm that exists at the same time, parallel to the world we live in. <br /><br />
Once you’re there, you will enjoy the privilege of encounters with the foreign alien race.  You will inherit their capabilities, and if they deem you worthy they may even grant you sovereignty into their nation.  They are not a hostile kind, whatsoever.  They are gentle beings exhibiting grace a wisdom.  I know personally, because I have used the peace for reconnaissance purposes, during which they accepted me with open arms and invited me back any time I choose.  Now, I am passing this power and privilege on to you. <br /><br />
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