'It's Shake and Bake, and I helped'/F*

Looking to add spice to your love life? Veronica Layser is a love doctor who specializes in lustful energy items that will integrate your emotions with your desires and merge them together to fulfill your fantasies! Lindy met Veronica a few months ago when she was out of town at her sons graduation. Veronica was attending the ceremony as well, her niece was valedictorian.

Lindy and Veronica got to talking and they both felt a connection to one another. They soon understood that they each held abilities of spirit bonding and before the ceremony had ended they exchanged contact info. Lindy called Veronica, the day before she was headed back home, and was invited to Veronica's house. She went over and they better got to talk about their experiences with spirits and their lines of work. Long and behold we learned that the 'doctoring of love' that Veronica performs works on a spiritual level because she utilizes lost lonely souls into her items. These spirits will help connect the adorner with a mate because it will also fill the spirit with renewed energy and allow them freedom into the afterlife.

The lost spirits need a redeeming deed to evoke their soul and they are more than happy to help coordinate a match and be on their way! Veronica gave Lindy a piece so she could bring it home and show Deedee. Lindy got home and talked to Deedee about Veronica and then handed her the piece. We test EVERYTHING in order to validate its authenticity. The item was tested by Aaron and he felt a flooding of emotions that broke down his walls and fears of commitment and soon enough he started dating a girl who he never thought he would stand a chance with!

We have gotten several pieces now from Veronica for customers who have requested special things, but now we are going to open the gates and let you all have a chance to get one of her amazing pieces.

You will be able to utilize the piece you receive to find happiness and love! After you bond with the piece, the inhabitant spirit will help bring forth characteristics that will help enrich you and open your eyes to the world of love.

We also acquired a few sex pieces from Veronica --- they are infused with the pheromones of famous actors, models and just plain sexy eye candy. We have ones that hold male pheromones and others that hold female pheromones --- these can be used by any sexual orientation; simply acknowledge in the special instruction portion of your order if you would like a male or female piece!

Enjoy finding love or just simply finding lust --- either way your bedroom will soon be occupied by more than just you and your 'pussy' cat!

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