Icunabula Initiation Wealth

Don't pass this piece by.  This isn't just another one of those secret society wealth groups.  This is the THEE secret society wealth group and if you aren't careful they will be controlling the food you eat, the television you watch, the music you hear, even down to what your brain makes you think.  
The convergence of the Bilderberg Group may include such higher-ups and names you will recognize as Bill Gates, Donald Graham, Indra Nooyi, Mark Zuckerberg, Pope Francis, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Richard Holbrooke.  However, this does not even begin to cover the powers involved when the Bilderberg Convention meets at the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees.  The press is only allowed to cover certain aspects of the meeting, which is why, if you ever read anything about the meetings you will not hear half of who is on these guest lists, like the Pope for example.  
As powerful and wealthy as these folks are, they don't even begin to put a dent in the wealth of a group that goes by the name the Incunabula.  This group are the 15 Bilderberg Insiders.  Nobody has any idea who they are, they are simply mentioned by number.  The liaison between the inner 15 and the world, including those who attend the meetings, is Etienne Davignon.  He is a prominent politician and super rich Bilderberg Banker.  
The inner 15 are not merely human.  They began as humans, bu they have evolved.  For instance Number 15 is a brilliant scientist whose brain has cybernetically mutated to epic, unimaginable levels.  These people are super rich and they use their influence to control the world.  In fact, they are referred to as the CEOs of planet Earth, having already installed a one world government.  We just don't know it yet.  The drama of this country versus that country is all manufactured, as to give humans a natural type of angst so they never settle down to realize exactly what happens.  It's their biggest fear.  SO, they make sure that the average person does NOT become wealthy.  They use financial oppression of others to keep themselves at the top in a backwards kind of social caste system.  They control us by keeping us poor and always needing and wanting more.  
The only way to become one of these 15 is to be voted in by the rest with higher than 80% approving.  If you aren't, you will never attain their wealth.  Ever.  Or, if at their most previous convergence, they let a copy of their magic slip and it was obtained by the hands of somebody outside of the Bilderberg Group, you may just gain their wealth.  This is exactly what happened.  At the last convergence of the wealthy they gave out a single item as a reward to the person who achieved the most wealth that year.  
There were people spying on the convergence, who were able to siphon the power from the piece that was given as a wealth reward.  It was set into this piece and if you ask me how we got this item, the answer is going to be, "I don't know."  However, what I will say is that this piece gives off wealth energy that is stronger than anything you've ever experienced.  
This piece is the ring of initiation of the Incunabula.  It holds and preserves their wealth power.  From now forward you will referred to as number 16.  With this piece you are going to taste the flavor of being transformed from your current state, into something much wealthier.  You are going to accumulate so much wealth, you are going to become one of the 16 most wealth person in the world.  This means that wealth will be pouring in from all directions.  It will be fantastic, unlike anything you've ever experienced.  It will be wealth in so much abundance, you won't know how to react!!   
Icunabula Initiation Wealth
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