Ignited Brain Wave Power

Boost Your Brain Power 

This item  has been developed to help you access parts of your brain you can't normally access. We normally only use about 10% of our actual brain power during every day life, this is a big dis-service to what a fantastic organ the brain really is~!
This piece has been conjured with a spell to allow access to parts that we have difficulty reaching. 
  • Are you finding you forget things often?
  • Can't retain knowledge like you used to?
  • Having a hard time with, schooling or, learning new skills for your job?
  • Or maybe you just want to be able to take more in and have more knowledge from which to draw from....?
Any of these scenarios would greatly benefit from this spell-cast piece. Upon connecting you will immediately feel a rush of energy directed to your brain. You will feel open to new things, have a thirst for knowledge and feel more thoughtful. Things you learned years ago may start coming back to you and new things you learn will start to make more sense to you. 
This piece was cast at midnight under the moonlight over 3 consecutive nights. After the 3rd night the piece was fully equipped and now will allow you to begin your journey to higher learning.
Get ready to jump start your brain with immense erratifying energy!! 
Testers were impressed with the things they could recall, and the ease of new learning and remembrance~!!
Ignited Brain Wave Power
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