I'm Sexy and I Know It

I'm Sexy and I Know It<br /><br />

This piece comes from an original paranormal sex society that is based in Nebraska.  We have done work with them before and we know that their products always impress. Additionally, Jason tested this piece and told us that it had him feeling refreshed, renewed, and sexy all over.  This piece is the material embodiment of an original sex witch from medieval times.  Her name is Helena and she loves to hump!!  <br /><br />

When you call upon Helena's existence, you will receive several things; first and foremost you will gain a nymphomaniac sex spirit that doesn't want to do anything but get it on.  Whenever you feel aroused and there is nobody to satisfy your needs, you can call upon Helena.  She can be your genie in a bottle and she will definitely rub you the right way.  She knows all the right moves, because she a screwed everyone from medieval knights and wizards, to 19th Century war heroes, to 20th Century rock 'n roll artists; and now she wants to do you!!  <br /><br />

You can also call upon Helena so that way you can draw her powers from her.  This will allow you to go out on the prowl and have elevated sexual performance.  In fact, with Helena, there will be no one in town who can beat you.  You will be able to give your partner crazy witch sex that will leave them begging, literally, for more!! <br /><br /> 
You can also use this piece to obtain Helena's knowledge of witchcraft.  She is really good at casting love and sex spells.  She is also good at casting wealth spells, because she loves material things.  You will able to use her powers and witchery abilities as your own.  They are very powerful and very effective.  <br /><br />

Act now, because Helena's ready.  You don't want to keep her waiting... she might have to punish you; but then again, that could be a good thing!! <br /><br />
To showcase your mood to Helena, you will want to wear the colored side that represents your feelings outward. There is a green and a purple side. The green side showcases you are horny and looking for some love, the purple side is for when you are solice, or content... so even if Helena wants to come through, she will not be able too. There are FEW times when people are tired and just need a break ;)
I'm Sexy and I Know It
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