Immortal Beauty of Celestia

I'm not saying that I necessarily believe anything that Peter Edward Armstrong was teaching his followers.  I do believe he was a righteous man and he was doing the Lord's bidding.  I think he might have been a little over-zealous in believing the way he did.  His struggle to get ever-closer to God was a very real struggle; so real, in fact, that he miscalculated his own interpretations of the Bible and when the world was going to End.  

In 1850, Armstrong had begun buying land that would eventually become known as the town of Celestia.  He divided this land into lots of 20 x 100 feet.  By 1853, he had sold over 300 of these lots for $10.00 a piece to people who also thought the end of the world was nigh.  You have to understand that prior to him founding his little town, Armstrong was a Millerite.  Miller was the man who lent Armstrong the idea of how to calculate the timing of the Second Coming of Christ.  Long story short, his predictions failed miserably and when he petitioned to Abraham Lincoln for amnesty from fighting in the war, based on religious beliefs, Celestia became over-run by people who had less than stellar intentions, such as dodging the draft. 

Of course, he covered up his failures and made an attempt to rid the town of corruption, but you can't fight evil on your own and eventually the faith in his settlement and religion dwindled.  It went from having a town hall, a general store and a saw mill, to becoming little more than ghost town. Today, the only thing that is left in the "town" are the foundations of what used to be.  Perhaps what finally really did Celestia in is the fact that it was willed to God and Jesus.  Unable to collect taxes from these spiritual entities, the government hen after Armstrong himself, which put him in the poor house.  This was pretty much it for Celestia, although most of the property in this ghost town remains in Armstrong's bloodline, whose son bought the town at a tax auction.

The point in me telling you this, is because I don't fully believe that the town has been rid of its religious fanaticism.  There are some people who still go here to worship and to receive the powers of God.  While I can't say this for certain, I am tempted to believe this due to several modern pieces that we found while we were visiting the area.  If there is one thing we love to investigate, it is ghost towns.  They are often times rich in history.  More often times than not there is something to be discovered, whether it is of historical or metaphysical value.  This time it happened to be metaphysical.  

When I pulled up this place up on the map and told Deedee we should go check it out, she was all for it.  She loves driving by green pastures, lakes, and mountains while belting out the world, "EARTH!!"  I personally don't mind the scenery myself, so we set off on an investigation of the ghost town, Celestia.  

When we got there, instead of being full of wonderment, Deedee told me that there was something about the place that was very energetic, but she couldn't put her finger on it.  It was a psychic intuition, something that was trying to connect with her psychically.  We wondered around awhile until a point in time when Deedee told me the feeling was coming from a place.  She pointed.  In the direction was a simple foundation and when we went to check it out, there was a small hole behind the foundation that had been covered up with fresh dirt.  I began digging.  What I found was a bad with several small artifacts in it.  They were the pieces that Deedee was attached to, so I picked them up and we were on our way. 

We have sold all of the pieces except for one in offline sales.  The one that's left we are called Ageless Beauty.  It is a divine intervention from God, and while we don't know exactly how it got to the place we found it, we suspect there are some occult explanations... but occult in a good way.  After all, the presence that is found in this item is that of an Angel of Beauty.  

The last piece we have left from the collection of items that we found is this compact.  During testing we were able to determine that there is an angel attached to this piece and it is an angle of beauty.  The angel does not have a name, but that is okay, because there is no summoning involved.  You must simply apply the foundation that is found in the piece, which is a compact that depicts and Angel and a butterfly.  You can put it on with the applicator that is provided or use your own, it doesn't matter.  

As you use this make-up, you will find that it has been supercharged with God-like ions that will make you appear more beautiful to those around you.  You might not notice the change, but others will.  They will find themselves being more drawn to you, as they will find you more attractive.  You will find that you will become more radiant and youthful, you skin will begin to look better, and in essence what this piece does for you is reverse your aging process.  I won't go as far as to say that it will make you an immortal, but it will stop and reverse you age process.  All you have to do is apply the make-up whenever you feel necessary; but at least once per week is recommended.  

At the same time that you are building beauty on the outside, you will also be building your angelic form.  You can see this angelic form by gazing into the mirror.  This angelic for will allow you to leave your body and experience the splendors of Heaven in your astral, angelic form.  The more you use the make-up the more beautiful your angel form will become.  This will be your angelic form that you take when you pass from the mortal realm into Heaven, so the more beautiful you make your angel form now, the higher level of powers and authority you will receive when you arrive in Heaven!



Immortal Beauty of Celestia
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