Impaled by White Light

Impaled by White Light

The shroud of power that has been shed from the tears of angels is what brought this piece to life. The flooding of energies in the Universal Realms have triggered Imperial guidance and reactions from the paths of Heaven that have generated showcases of power and blessings to those who have been touched with the generative energies that are within this piece.

You will instantly feel a connection that will transfer into your soul as you touch this piece, and the stones showcase the strengths of imperial and commutative powers!

One of the 5 stones is a bit darker and it acts as a portal that will pull your spirit within it, thus imparting your spirit with the pure blessings of the divine enlightenment!

This is a great piece for anyone who is looking for answers to questions, guidance in a strained situation, or needs forgiveness and solace.

Impaled by White Light
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