Imp's Intoxication

Imp's Intoxication

The mystery of the dwarves or imps that appear to inhabit every single egion of our world remains one of the many enigmas that may someday be unraveled by investigators. While the UFO context helps place the mystery in a more modern light, its antiquity must not be forgotten.

Gervase of Canterbury, a medieval monk writing in the year 1138 A.D., left a detailed description of one such dwarfish creature that suddenly materialized in the German abbey of Prüm.

According to Gervase's account, the abbey had been in an uproar due to the fact that something was tampering with the large barrels of wine in the building's cellars and spilling the intoxicant all over the floor. The abbot initially reprimanded the cellarer for his ineptitude, until the actual culprit was found: a friar had caught a small black imp drawing wine from the casks.

The creature dwelled in the abbey for a brief spell, but would neither eat nor drink, or even speak. Its presence must have irked the abbot after a while, who summarily decided that the imp "was a devil in human form" who had refrained from harming the monks "by the mercy of God and the merits of the saints," whose relics were kept within the abbey. Gervase reports that the creature "vanished from their hands like smoke.

At parties held at the abbey, guests who have a bit of wine often reveal that they see a creature jolting about... they often get light headed and feel dizzy.

Emir visited the abbey to investigate and we learned that the imp still was there -- looking for a master to control and keep him. He is not evil, he just scared those who would sense and see him as he is not "normal!"

Emir pulled the Imp, named Roan, into this piece. You will connect with the piece and be able to embrace the energies an powers of him. Roan traps energies that he absorbs from all people he merges with, but can only release the powers if he has a master.

He has not been a conditioned Imp for decades --- with this piece he will gain the commitment he wants, and you will be able to prosper with all the powers that he has collected over the years.

Very intense and empowering piece!

Imp's Intoxication
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