Increase Sexual Activity

Tessa is a dynamic personality, advanced ritual worker, psychic medium, and student of the Craft. She has worked tirelessly since discovering the abilities that were granted to her.

Tessa has felt, and understood her life's purpose as long as she can remember, and has become a dynamic, powerful Wiccan Practitioner.

She is an exceptionally talented energy worker within the fields and realms of our Universe~!

Here are a variety of items that she has progressed to us -- available now!


Increase Sexual Activity

Tessa worked exclusively within the world of sex, last year, ---focusing on the adult sexual mind, sexual satisfaction, and the way we react, and live our lives as adults if we do not experience enough sexual activity.

There is a clear link to depression, anxiety, stress, and even suicide in those that do not have a regular sexual partner, or those that do not have more than one sexual partner (If not in a monogamous relationship). Simply and clearly put - If you go through your life deprived of sexual contact, your quality of life, your happiness, and your ability to achieve suffer~!

This piece was formulated using a variety of majestic practices. The recipient wears the piece and starting the very first day of use their spirit, mind, and body will be elevated to a new plane of existence, not possible without magical intervention.

Men, Women (or both), depending on your own sexual preferences will become instantly much more attracted to you. They will pursue you in a clear way, and desire to experience pleasurable nights of passion with you :)

Your output of charm, confidence, poise, charisma, and attracting agents will increase by 100 fold. Irrespective of your age, sexual preference, gender, religion, geographical area of the world - This will work for you.

 It has been authenticated, and proven. It is a time tested method, that we offer to you now~!


Increase Sexual Activity
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