Indelible Souls

Indelible Souls

The Book of Genesis makes mention of a great life form of God, called the Tree of Life.  The tree holds the roots of all of Gods powers and ties existence as we know it together.  You can think of it kind of like an Egyptian Oroborus.  The Tree Blossoms with the Fruit of Life and God's spiritual knowledge and magic and eternal existence and wisdom.  When the Fruit becomes ripe, it is them left to become food for the roots of the Tree, which rely directly upon God's pure power (his Fruit) for its sustenance.  Its a never ending cycle of Life that began when God breathed reality and life into existence.  The Tree essentially serves as the hub of power, in which God has stored all of his power and knowledge in their entirety.  The Book of Proverbs talks about God's Tree of Life being his omniscient knowledge.  It is penned that "Wisdom is the Tree of Life to them that lay hold upon it and happy is everyone that holdest her fast." 

However, accessing the powers of the Tree of Life is extremely, EXTREMELY rare ever since Adam and Eve, our ancestral parents, messed that up for us.  Be sure to make no mistake, the Tree of Life is NOT the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  This is the tree whose fruit Adam and Eve consumed that got them kicked out of the Garden of Eden.  The Torah (Old Testament) clearly states that the Tree remained in the Garden of Eden after the expulsion of human kind from its confines.  TO prevent access to the Tree of Life, two Cherubs were sent to guard the Garden's entrance.  For their employ, these Cherubs were given two swords that were blazing with the Fire of God and his Holy Power.  Upon passing from mortal life to spiritual form, all souls are returned to the Tree of Life, thus becoming part of the Tree of Life and helping in the re-generation of Gods Fruit.  Thus, the cycle will have been completed.  Souls are born of the Tree of Life, they are infused into mortal bodies, sent to Heaven to live out their destinies as determined by God.  They are then Returned to the Tree of Life where they will attribute to God's energy flow to revive the Tree of Life, the properties of their Soul.  It is God's Bank of all Souls. 

Souls from the Tree of Life have a few destinies.  The first two options are being judged and sent to Heaven or Hell, whereby a duplicate of the same would will be birthed in place of the one that has moved on to eternity.  It will bear a new identity, but will contain all the knowledge and experience of the prior soul, thus rendering it innocent and life worthy.  The third option is being reincarnated.  For those of you who are going to think I'm blaspheming... you can read for yourself in the Bible that Moses was the Prophet Elijah.  There is also information that eludes to the same spirit becoming John the Baptist.  Either way, the Tree of Life is a Bank of Souls.  It's God's Bank of Souls. 

These four pieces have been brought to us by Raviniska.  They contain the ashes of the two cherubs that were sent to guard the Tree of Life.  The ashes are the cyclic remnants of God's Holy fires and all of his powers.  They fortify the powers of God into these pieces, in particularly the Sustenance of the Tree of Life.  These pieces are a four roots to the Tree of Life, from where all souls are birthed and to where all souls return.  The power in these items allow you to presence of all souls throughout the ages. It brings the souls forth to you for replication.  You will be able to use this piece to obtain a copy of the soul, whereby you will assume all of the powers of that particular soul.  You will be able to use this piece to see the soul in full form to experience the soul and all the energetic properties and powers that it has to offer. This item will also allow you to go back to the birthing of Adam, the very first soul.  It was from him that all other souls were born, as his souls splintered to fill the mortal containers that became his wife, Eve and his Children.  Multiplication of souls began when Cain slew Abel and Abel returned to the Tree.  From there the energy flow was endless and will not relinquish.  The flow has become very powerful and will become ever increasingly powerful.  You will get to experience this flow using your piece.

We have tested all four of these pieces.  They all worked like... well, a charm.  We have been able to use this piece to raise the souls of many.  This piece brings you a copy of the soul, so you can use it to capture a copy of any soul, whether it be in a mortal vessel or in its raw form in the Tree of Life.  It will capture any soul from any point in time that has ever existed.  We have had tremendous success in not only being able to use this piece to call upon souls, but in duplicating them to conjure into other pieces.  We actually used this piece when developing some of the Fantasy Mind Island pieces.  We also have kept a part of the collection for our own purposes. The point is that this piece holds tremendous and high energy power!  We only have four of them.  Once they are gone, we are out.  Reserve yours today! 


Indelible Souls
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