Indian Cabin Road-- original investigation

The New Jersey pine barrens is one of the creepiest, if not, perhaps, the creepiest place I've ever been.  Naturally, there are tales of all sorts of weird things that go on with the barrens that are miles thick.  There are no roads, however, quite like the road I'm about to tell you about.  In fact, when I first started working with Deedee, we teamed up to do a formal investigation of the stretch of road known as Indian Cabin Road.  We had both been there as teenagers, but had never really gained any type of "real" evidence of paranormal or supernatural activity.  

Arriving at Indian Cabin Road is almost an investigation in itself.  Our GPS didn't pick it up, we had a very difficult time locating it on a map, and actually physically finding it was probably the most challenging part.  I hadn't been there for almost a decade and it had been longer for Deedee, who until I convinced her, refused to return.  Naturally, neither of us remembered where the entrance was.  However, after about a half an hour of searching the same stretch of road, we finally found the entrance.  If the thought of what goes on at Indian State Road doesn't scare the shit out of you, perhaps the foreboding entrance will.  It practically screams turn around. 

This particular trip, we began creeping down the potholed road, which might've given a claustrophic person a panic attack.  The trees hugged the car; it barely looked like there was room enough for our vehicle.  There were two wooden planks by the side of the road, a few feets off into the barrens.  It hospitably read, "Welcome to Hell,"  which I figured was merely a prank done by some local highschooler.  Although, it probably wasn't that far off from the truth. 

As we traveled down the road, we could literally feel the air get denser and denser, until we reached some weird shrine by the side of the road.   The shrine was a statue of the Virgin Mary, with painted red eyes.  I daresay that the substance was blood and not paint.  It didn't look to be the consistency of paint at all.  It was more clotty and thick like blood and Deedee immediately began to pick up psychic visions from the substance.  Why would paint spawn a pyschic vision?   It just seems odd to me. 

We pulled the car over, which really wasn't much pulling at all because our car was nestled inside two pined walls.  We got out of the car to check out the shrine and the closer we got, we realized that there were all kinds of small symbols written in blood over the entirety of the statue that neither of us recognized the likes of.  The energy that emanated from the statue told us though, that these markings were not a good thing and that somebody or someTHING was attempting to chain up the powers contained within the statue, to keep them at bay.  It immediately circulated in my mind that when I was younger and I had come out here with my older cousin, that she had told me about devil worshipping and demon cults that existed deep within the pine barrens where Indian Cabin Road ended; but had we left the main road?  I hadn't noticed.  I was too fixated on the path to really notice anything. 

At that precise moment, Deedee spoke to me out of the corner of her mouth, telling me to shut up and not to move.  I froze.  At the far edge of the clearing, which couldn't have been more than 30 yards, stood several children.  As they inched closer, Deedee whispered that they didn't want us here-- that they were pissed.  I could begin to make out black eyes on the children with snarled, upturned lips.  They appeared terribly unkempt, with twigs in their hair and tattered clothes.  The oldest of the lot couldn't have been older than 12.  The hair on the back of my neck stood up as the children began to growl and snarl like wild animals.  They inched closer and the gaze of their black-hole, icy eyes seemed to lock my body in place, like a paranormal form of paralysis.  It was at this point I realized that these children must be demons, if not they were definitely from the pits to Hell.   My mind raced frantically and all I could remember is the sign that mocked Indian Cabin Road, saying, "Welcome to Hell." 

The ground began to shake and out of nowhere, the statue of the Virgin Mary began to crack.  From beneath the dried blood, her eyes began to cry rays of light.  The cement of the statue began to fully crack like a spider molting or a locust shedding skin.  Soon rays of golden light began to burst forth from the center of the statue, brighter than the Sun.  The demon children began whimpering like little mutts and scattered off into the barrens.  We were completely submerged in the light from the virgin statue.  This piece was laid before our feet.  We quickly collected it, got in our car.  The light dimmed and from behind the statue we spotted a pickup truck, maybe early nineties, one headlight out.  It revved its motor and began to charge at us.  Deedee quickly started the car but it appeared to be too late.  Right before our car was broadsided, the item warmed up and began to glow brightly. 

The ram was put into reverse all by itself and began to drive backwards.  Funny thing is, Deedee wasn't steering and her foot was nowhere near the accelerator.  We began to race backwards, with the pick up truck in hot pursuit.  One wrong move and this would have ended badly for everyone involved.  We raced in excess of 70 MPH back the winding, potholed excuse for a road.  When we got to the entrance of Indian Cabin Road the pick up truck was nowhere to be found and our own car skidded across the road and came to a complete stop.  Deedee quickly put the transmission into drive and we hightailed it out of there.  The piece had stopped glowing and had cooled significantly. 

We tested this piece for awhile with no results, really.  Then, one time I accidentally carried the piece home with me.  I was thirsty and out of cigarettes so I stopped at a convenience store on the way home.  A very sketchy looking thuggish guy was creeping outside near where a payphone was located. He kept looking in nervously like he was pondering something.  I felt the piece in my pocket began to warm up.  I took it out and sure enough it was glowing.  The creeper made his way to the entrance of the store, at which point he pulled out a gun.  However, destiny had a plan of its own.  The lights in the store began to flicker rapidly.  The door to the convenience store was immediately slammed shut, knocking the creeper backwards.  His gun fell to the ground.  Perplexed, dazed, and confused, he ran away from the crime scene.  We waited for the cops to come and turned over the firearm.  A few weeks later the suspect was apprehended and punished accordingly. 

Jason had a similar experience with this item, when he was taking it home for testing.  He was driving down the highway, when he noticed something in the street.  He said he noticed a light emanate from the center console of his car, where he had placed the piece for safe transporting.  From no where, there was a strong wind.  The metal that was in the middle of the street blew to the side of the road, clearing the path for Jason.  Thing is, he was driving on the highway at 65 MPH.  If he would have hit the debris, his tire would have popped and he definitely would have crashed his car.  Afterwards, the light dissipated and the piece was calm. 

Turns out, this piece is an extreme protection piece that covers whomever carries with the protective veil of the Virgin Mary.  It acts a spiritual guard and shield from anything that could possiblly harm you phyiscally or astrally.  There isn't much evidence of the power in this piece, but it is very powerful.  It is a direct summoning piece to the Virgin.  It works on its own as it knows you will experience danger.  The Virgin will come to you, protecting you from whatever danger is imminent to you. It is seriously the most powerful protection piece I've ever experienced.  If you want to be extra careful, or if you are experience a barrage of spiritual attacks, this piece is perfect for you!! 


This beautiful sterling charm bracelet depicting the Virgin Mary is the original relic we received that day!!

Indian Cabin Road-- original investigation
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