Infused Blood Connection

Infused Blood Connection

This sterling ring is a small piece with a huge charge~!! This ring is only a size 5, but it holds an incredible blood stone that is full of serene force --- the stone was clear and had been dipped into the blood of a woman who was attacked by a vampire.

It has remained a red hue since and holds imperial powers and grants the wearer a faceted pull to the calling of vampires. This protects you, as it allows you to impart through the realms and kinetically impart yourself with all the humans who were attacked and killed by a Sanguine vampire.

The reason you would want to connect with these victims is because they were chosen for a reason, not because they looked delicious, but they were giving off a strong vibe that generated a pull to the vampire, and this will implement the powers of all those you meet to physically progress back to you!

A very rare conjured piece that will directly grant you power and charge from those who are seeking to previal from beyond. Their abilities and stance will live on through you!

Infused Blood Connection
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