Initiates of Axieros: Mysteries of Thracian Samos

There is an Island off the coast of Thrace called Samothrace, literally meaning, Thracian Samos. It ancient times it was the epicenter of Shamanic mysteries, meaning people knew what was going on there, but never really knew why or how. Greek colonists arrived in Thracian Samos around the year 700 BC, but their influence was that insubstantial that the official language remained Thracian until approximately the 1st Century AD. The people of Thracian Samos managed to keep their magic a great secret, even unto modern times. Little is known about the island or the activities that have gone on here. Veneration of the goddess Axieros officially continued in the Samothrace Temple Complex until 4th Century AD. Afterwards Pagan activity was recorded until around 600 AD. After that people just stopped caring really. There is virtually no chance of being initiated in the Samothrace Mysteries, unless the insiders wanted you to know. Even then there were extensive and ceremonius inclusion rituals. The fact is that I have an inside source from the island. I'm sure this comes as no surprise, given the vast network of sources that we hold from all over the world. However, this is probably one of our most covert and rare sources, because of the nature of the magic. We had a harder time finding a source from Thracian Samos than we did finding one from the Pentagon or Area 51. According to my source, the Island is constructed of magic stones that were create by the goddess of Alchemy and Life, Axieros. Axieros breathed life and magic into the rocks when she created the island. The rocks, in turn, were turned into jewelry-- rings and pendants, mostly-- that were blessed and given to the particpants of the venerations of Axieros. The jewelry was symbolic of being and initiate of Axieros, which basically meant that the people donning these accessories were a shaman of her deep-rooted and profound magic. With her magic the islanders had full control over a very powerful source of alchemy powers. They could use the rocks created by Axieros to perform all sorts of magic-- spells, divinations, charms, enchantments, ritualistic summonings, psychic abilities, etc. Her powers are seriously some of the most extraordinary that I've ever encountered. I mean, with the rocks of Axieros, any type of magic could be achieved, with very few exclusions! There's more though! Axieros was the venerated leader of a triad of gods. In fact, the other two were her husband, Axiokersos, and her daughter, Axoikersa. Her hubby, Axiokersos was the venerated God of the Underworld. Their daughter was somewhere in between full life and eternal death, due to the fact that she took on attributes of both of her parents. However, Axieros overrules both of her counterparts. She gave them all the magic of her alchemy. Together, the Triad produces an alchemy that we call Soul Alchemy. They symbolize Life, Death, and Rebirth. Full Soul Alchemy has been achieved by all the initiates of Axieros' magic. This is how they have managed to keep their magic a secrets. They use the Soul Alchemy to pull all of their soul fragments together, which allows them to reincarnate themselves, essentially obtaining immortality, in the fashion of the ancient Oroboros. The magic and alchemy of Axieros continues until today, it's just that the initiates are part of a secret underground society that rivals the secrecy of Rosicrucian society. My source has sent me this item. It is an original emblem of initiation from the island of Thracian Samos. Well, the stone is. We have had it set into the piece, to better camouflage the true existence of this piece. This item gives you the direct powers of Initiates of Axieros. This includes her physical and magical alchemy that allows you to practice and source ANY type of magic that you choose to practice or source. It also includes the ability to practice the soul alchemy of the Axieros Triad. This means that will be able to break the chain of death, by master Soul Alchemy to gain master over the cycle of Life, Death, and Rebirth. You will be able to collect all the fragments of your immortal soul. This will transform you into a human Oroboros, basically rendering you immortal. This piece is extremely exciting. It is like the Die Hard Trilogy of action movies! To bond with your piece, you must allow the stone to make contant with your body. Once the energies from your aura begin to bond with the item, the powers in the item will begin to be manifested to you. DOn't pass up this opportunity. It is extremely rare and I guarantee you that this opportunity will NOT arrise for you ever again due to the secrecy of the Initiates of Axieros!
Initiates of Axieros:  Mysteries of Thracian Samos
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