Intergalactic Anomaly

Intergalactic Anomaly

The piece above embodies a power that is both unusual and unique to our mortal realm. I’m going to dive right into this one, because there really isn’t any way round it. The piece above comes from our correspondent, our Beast from the Middle East, Emir. He obtained this piece in Morocco. In fact, he was on an excavation mission at ruins that once belonged to the Roman Empire when he came across the piece. Unbeknownst to the rest of the excavation team, Emir took this piece back to his headquarters, because he felt a strong attachment to the piece. As he has told us, he couldn’t figure out WHAT was inhabiting the piece, but he knew there was something. So he sent the piece to us for further examination.

Upon arrival of this piece, examination commenced immediately. This was in approximately 2007. Since this point in time we have been running test after test on the piece, to no avail. It wasn’t until the winter of this past year, 2010, that we made any kind of breakthrough with the objects. It was at this point that we established our first contact with the extraterrestrials. It turns out the Romans were a little bit more advanced than what mainstream archaeologists could find out, or wanted to find out.

Since then, we have been in frequent contact with the extraterrestrials, who have shared with us many forms of advanced extraterrestrial technologies. They have given us many secrets, including the fact that they have lived among mortal beings since their creation by God. They take the form of humans, because it is easier to gain human trust that way. God apparently left them out of the Bible, because he had no way to account for the extraterrestrials, because he isn’t in any type of charge over them or their realm, and he had no clue where they came from. How good would’ve it looked if he would’ve given a prophecy that claimed, “On the Sixth day God made mankind to rule over all the living things of Earth, except for those things, because I have no idea where the heck they came from.”

Anyway, we have been in close contact with the extraterrestrials, and they have given us the ability to communicate with them without having to use any type of special powers or transpositional piece. This is why they have agreed to allow us to make the original piece available to you. With this piece you will be allowed to make contact with the group of extraterrestrials. You will be give the ability to notice the aliens for their true identities. They will come to you and share their ancient secrets, advanced technology and sacred magic. They will give you the ability of astral and inter-dimensional travel. Naturally, this piece comes with an astral shield, protecting you from any negative situational forces. This piece is very powerful, and we know it, because we’ve used it many times. Take advantage of this piece right now, you’re in for a stellar time!

If your holding Alien DNA then you actually do need this piece. Your life on earth or any new life you take will never be complete with out it.
Intergalactic Anomaly
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