Invisible Helper

Invisible Helper

Incredible way to get more things done in a day!! Your own invisible helper~! This helper relinquishes its powers from the astral world and comes forth to assist you with the daily tasks that you seem to have trouble getting accomplished!

Everyone has their own schedules, but for most of us the days are filled and full. Some are college students who work and need to find time to study and do homework, in addition to going to their job, and then maintaining their apartment! Some have full time jobs, a family to take care of and a house to keep clean and organized, etc., etc., etc.

I work, have a almost 15 month old son, a parter to deal with and a home to maintain... there is always somewhere to go, or something to do! When we finally find time to clean, it gets messed up in a matter of minutes from our toddler -- so the idea of having someone who can assist and help is awesome!

This magical item has a spiritual helper, an ancestor human spirit associated with it. It causes the spirit to follow you and be your constant companion.

The invisible spirit will be there to guide, inspire, protect and aid you in many ways. It will know, and understand, your thoughts and feelings and the background and circumstances of your life. The spirit cannot be commanded but it will function automatically on its own accord to help you fulfill your mission in life, to help fulfill your needs, to inspire you. Invisible helpers are human spirits sworn to serve their human charge--this work helps them to evolve rapidly into the Light~

Invisible Helper
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