Invisible In Our World

Invisible In Our World

This piece belonged to a Blue eyed Vampire named Wando. He was incredibly fast and potent when attacking his prey. His blue eyes made his lifestyle as a vampire a bit different then most; he was able to be out in the daytime.

He stood out due to his incredibly light skin, because although the sunlight didn't kill him, it also would never bronze his complexion, for his top coat is not real skin.

This being explained, he found power in a victim of his that enlightened him with invisibility. He always wore this piece to make sure he would be unseen -- but one day after touching prey too soon, he was relinquished into sight and the prey killed him. The piece is now in our possession after years of searching for the one of a kind piece.

This piece is intended to make you invisible in the sense that people will not notice you. It will not work if you decide to deck someone. If you touch someone or talk to them, the spell will wear off.

While wearing this piece you will want to close your eyes and imagine a sphere of white light around you. Imagine that the light begins to get blurry It then takes on the shapes and colors of the environment around you.

Visualize yourself fading into the light, becoming part of it until you completely disappear into the camouflage of the light.

You will become invisible in our world~!

Wando's emblem is a piece of enchantment that most would give anything to have --- this piece has so much potential; with the vast ways you can use this ability to your advantage.!

Invisible In Our World
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