Invisiblity,it's not silly

Invisiblity,it's not silly<br /><br />

Recent research has been done on cloaking people and objects and it has worked!! In reality it is not cloaking which is hiding but really making it invisible. This they say has been accomplished by plasmonic materials using these to coat a shell.<br /><br />

A long time ago back when I wanted to be a brain researcher and cut open peoples hard shells but being psyhcic I got into this instead. When I was doing that though I did manage to find that magnets can make the brain work better. That these things can increase the brains capability. Later on I learned that it also increases psychic ability,just don't use Earth magnets.<br /><br />

Anyway combining magnets which create a field and plasmonic material we can create our own shield. We are still working on this now and have had some success. These are still in the testing mode so your getting them at a good price. We are always improving on them.
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Testing on our end has shown that you can go in and out. Sometimes you may walk into a place and no one see's you and other time it just doesn't work but at least your getting the truth. However since we are still working on them we will fine tune them until it is perfect.
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This is the one piece and it works on you a 3D object of flesh and bone. This is what is important and why the Philadelphia experiment went wrong. The bodies could not handle it. This piece is done using sterling and Amber in three dimensions. The sections are for you and the dimensions. Give it a try and be part of the science.<br /><br />

Invisiblity,it's not silly
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