Irish Eyes Are Smiling... Celtic Wish Luchorpans

The ancient Celts tapped into a power reserve that brought forth a wealth of powers in the form of a slew of ancient beings, entities, and spirits. One of the most notable and celebrated entities of the ancient Celts were first known as luchorpan, which is an ancient Middle Irish compound word meaning small bodied. Along the way, their name was been pervert linguistically to the form we know the word as today-- Leprechaun. This piece contains the ancient soul of two Celtic Leprechauns. The two clovers signify these spirits. The long bell that you see in this piece will merge with energies from your soul and ring deep with your subconscious to find the correct magic to awaken the Leprechauns and bring them into full swing. Once your Leprechauns are awakened, they will do what they do best... grant you wishes. After all, they are Celtic Wish Leprechauns! You will not really have to wish out loud to these two. They will automatically be bonded with your core existence in you soul, because they exist in spirit form. They will know you inner thoughts and deepest desires. They will begin manifesting all of your wants and wishes into your daily life. You can make wishes to these leprechauns if you choose, they will listen. You don't have to though, if you choose not to. You can also make wishes to these leprechauns on the behalf of others if that is something you want to do. The powers these leprechauns can manifest are in no way limited. They can do love, wealth, magic, time travel, portal jumping, portal creation, other fantasies, etc. etc. They are two of the very most powerful leprechauns you will have ever encountered.
Irish Eyes Are Smiling... Celtic Wish Luchorpans
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