Irish Eyes Leprechaun Summoner

This may seem very basic, but Leprechauns are the single most influential being to summon when it comes to gaining extreme wealth.  They are the dwarf sized wealth fairies of ancient Ireland and a race of beings that prefer to hide in the shadows when not out hunting for treasure.  It is said that when you come across a leprechaun that he will trick you, because he doesn't want you to eventually find out where his treasure is located.  For the most part, they are greedy little things and they don't want to share not even one golden coin with another person.  

The wealth the leprechauns guard is a wealth of gold that they came in contact with then the Danes invaded Ireland.  They left gold scattered all over the islands.  The leprechauns began collecting the gold and hid it in a place that is still undisclosed til this day.  The key to gaining the wealth of the Leprechaun is catching him and keeping him long enough to make him pay up.  As I have said before they are devious little trickster, so most of the times this proves impossible.  Thus, we've decided to do the job for you.  

This leprechaun was caught by one of the people we have working for us in Ireland.  The ones from the motherland are always the most powerful.  When he was captured, he was kept attached to this piece by a binding spell. Now, when somebody uses this piece to summon him, he must appear to them and answer their wishes for wealth.  Thus, when you receive this piece, he will appear to you.  You can tell him the types of wealth that you are seeking, and he will work on getting that for you, or getting the powers you need to obtain the particular type of wealth that you want.  There are no worries, because we also placed a spell on him that will prevent him from leaving this piece or playing any sort of trick on you. 

Irish Eyes Leprechaun Summoner
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