Is Giving REALLY Better Than Receiving?

This charm is incredible! The aspect of getting good gifts will prevail in your life when you connect with the power in this piece! 

You may no longer believe in Santa Claus, but you will believe in the great flow of great things that will come forth for you when you once again give "Santa" a chance. 

The emission of the story of St. Nick prevailed due to the discovery of an elf in another dimension. Elves are known for their blessings that they grant to humans, but they rarely will travel into your world.

Now with this charm you will hold the vessel that houses an Elf named Paudrina. She is the key that will generate the blessings of ideal "gifts" that will truly bring great change upon you~!


You will believe in the spirit and as you are blessed with gifts from the Universe, provided by Paudrina, you will understand what it is like for those who are "born with a silver spoon in their mouth"..... great opportunity to prevail prosperity in your life~!


Is Giving REALLY Better Than Receiving?
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