Is That Penn’s Penis?

Is That Penn’s Penis? It’s hard to know how to handle this topic delicately, but so many people have remarked on this curiosity that it’s hard to avoid the subject. It concerns the massive statue of William Penn on top of Philadelphia’s City Hall. No other statue on a public building can match this 37-foot-high bronze for sheer size. And so the question leaps to the minds of anyone who looks at it as they drive down from Fairmount Park and the Art Gallery...did anyone realize how it would look from this angle? The official story that Penn’s statue is holding a copy of the treaty he signed with the Lenni Lenape tribe, and it faces the place where the treaty was signed. However, the statue is holding the treaty at waist level, and while driving or strolling down the Franklin Parkway, it looks for all the world as though he’s preparing to urinate off the top of the building. Now, this could be purely coincidental, but then again, Philadelphia has a history of high-profile puckish humor that dates back to Benjamin Franklin. The city’s art gallery houses several famous examples of Dada art, including a thematically linked Marcel Duchamp readymade: a porcelain urinal turned on its side and entitled Fountain. So the “Is that what I think it is?” moment you get at the sight of Penn on City Hall may have been intentional. But one thing’s sure: The sculptor Alexander Milne Caulder didn’t intend it. He never wanted his statue to be stuck on top of a tower. In the interests of research, Weird Pennsylvania took a stroll beside City Hall to see where the statue appears to be aiming. The result raised more questions than answers. From an unscientific analysis of direction, distance, and angle, the intended target would appear to be the historic Masonic Temple and Methodist Episcopal buildings. There’s a punchline in there somewhere. Figure it out for yourself. ** There are asserted fragments of secret knowledge that are depicted for all of us to see and note, but most of us pay little, to no attention to these details and the forecasted sign and knowledge is therefore unnoticed. This piece will implement a regimental spectrum that will radiate your brainwaves and unite charges that will literally change your ability to see, and sense, the world with new eyes. You will notice things that no one else will, and this will implore great power to you..... as you will have more information, and key follicles of seeing things that are specifically designed as key modules for only certain people to note~! The signs of the Masons for example hold keynote clues, messages and icons that "everyday" people pay no attention too, as it means nothing -- but now you will understand the hidden messages, signs and peril in the world when you connect with this piece!
Is That Penn’s Penis?
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