Is that a Trumpant in your pants?

Is that a Trumpant in your pants? A trumpant is the penis of an elephant, and if you have ever caught the glimpse of one then you would question why people say "hung like a horse?" They should be saying he is hung like an elephant!! Our sex shrew cast a responsive spell that showed growth in the genitals of men. She studies all aspects of the receptors of the penis and found areas that were sensitive and able to reflect stamina and growth. This piece is spell cast with the implements of power to make your manhood your most prized possession. You will want to show it off in the restroom just to make other men jealous and the ladies will have to take a step back when they see this endowed lever fall out of your pants. If you have always wanted to gain girth and length, then this is for you. It ignites the follicles within you to extend your penis as much as it can be! Males have a mass amount of extension within them that is locked in place and many guys question why they cannot have that come forth, well now you can with this ultimate relinquishment piece!

Is that a Trumpant in your pants?
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