Italian Stallion Penis Grower

Having performance issues? Maybe you can't go as long as what you want to? Maybe you can't even get it up to make is perform in the first place? Maybe you're shy-- or you are the "40-year-old" virgin? Either way if you are having any type of performance issues, regardless of what they are, this piece is designed to help you. This piece is called the Italian Stallion Penis Grower. It once belonged to an Italian mob boss. Most of you who know anything about Italians will know they they are typically well endowed-- well most of the time. Such was the case with this under par Italian mob boss. His name was Ricardo, but his friends jokingly nicknamed him "Little Dickie of the East Side", mocking him for his notoriously small member and inability to perform in the sack. Ricardo eventually got sick and tired of not pleasing his broads the way they deserved, only for them to go around talking trash about his love making abilities. This led to gossip that eventually made it back to his cronies and goons and they would hound him about it and get on his case for it. Italian men are supposed to uphold a stellar reputation for love-making. Little Dickie was giving them a bad name. So... Little Dickie did what anyone with a penis problem would do-- consulted a paranormal sex there!! The therapist gave him a piece that was inhabited by sex spirits dating all they way back to Croatian sex magic rituals, to Renaissance sex spirits, to Sex spirits of his day. He bonded with the piece, allowing the sexual energy to inhabit his body. Not only did they greatly i ncrease his penis size and girth, they also allowed him to have all the right "stuff." By right stuff, I mean that he knew the motion of the ocean and could keep his women moaning all night long. His nickname quickly transpire from Little Dickie of the East Side, to the Big Bambowski, simply because he knew how to "bam" it all night long!! Since his death, Ricardo's own spirit have been devoted to this piece as well. Using this piece you can summon his soul, and he will usher in the other sex spirits. They will come to you and help you with WHATEVER penis problem you are currently experiencing. These sex spirits all have their own story to tell, so they know how important sex can be to an individual, whether for magic, reproduction, or pleasure. There are no other penis pieces like this one... it is very powerful and effective!
Italian Stallion Penis Grower
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