It's Raining, It's Pouring, the Universe is Storming... Alien Co

Okay, so if you are watching the news you will have learned that on Monday, the sun broke out into an M5.6 solar storm. This storm is capable of interrupting communications on Earth, which is probably why I was about ready to dump my cell phone provider yesterday. I thought it was their fault that the satellite communication network was clogged; and I don't pay for poor results. It's that simple. As it turns out, and as I now know, the sun erupted into a violent solar storm on July 2. A wave of plasma will reach the Earth on on before July 4 (which as I'm writing this piece is tomorrow) As I'm sure you all already know, the speed that sounds travels is much faster than matter. Thus, it should come as no surprise that the sonic waives from the solar storm have already arrived. They have been penetrating Earth's atmosphere. It's not like the normal human ear can hear these things, and the sounds haven't been publicly documented, so there isn't much proof of these sound reaching Earth. In fact, except for the fact that I have connections in remote places, we wouldn't have even known ourselves here at Haunted Curiosities. This piece is holds energies that I brought back with me from the astral plane. I was instructed to go there by Raviniska, who instructed me to meet her on a special realm where there wouldn't be anybody or anything else around. She gave me this piece and told me that she had made it in conjunction with scientists from a space lab in remote Russian. The purpose of the item was to analyze the sound frequency of the coming solar storm. Although, the scientists were able to hear the frequencies and noises from the solar storm, they weren't able to decipher exactly what they meant. Raviniska blasted this piece full of white powers from the Sphinx, which was obviously built, as were the pyramids, in conjunction with heavenly bodies and with astrological magic. Once she was done perfecting the piece, she was able to use this piece to pick up communications from lifeforms from beyond. Turns out these communications were sent in plasmic sound waives sent to Earth during the solar storm. Using this piece, you will be able to also receive space communications from a race of individuals who are much smarter and advanced than our own. I'm not sure if these communications are intentional and accidental, but they hold great secrets from somewhere out in the universe. This item will give you the divination to unlock your alien DNA, to become the intergalactic being that exists beneath the surface of us all. You will gain a special understanding of an alchemy and magic that exists out in space. The typical human mind is capable of receiving this information, but unlocking your alien DNA will let you receive and practice this magic. The magic you will receive will include secrets behind dark energy and radio isotopes. It will unlock the power of quantum physics and the creations of your very own, personalized powers (which you will be able to make with this piece!!) It will also give you a psychic connection to the "voices" you will "hear" with this piece, allowing you to explore alternate existence in the various planetary planes of space. This piece is very exciting and will unlock your mind to many new levels of existence!! I had to ask Raviniska a little bit more about what this item does before placing it on. To explain it better this piece will place your DNA in full working order as it was before the fall of the Adam. This is important because that is when all of us has full operation Theta which we do not have now. That will happen AND IF you have some alien DNA in you that will also fall into place as well and work with your entire system. This is worth so very much to someone trying very hard to climb up the spiritual and the psychic level.
It's Raining, It's Pouring, the Universe is Storming... Alien Co
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