It's not always bad to shoot blanks/F*

Yoga Powers may develop spontaneously in people who practice with dedication. Clearly they are not the goal of yoga but psychics and mediums can benefit from the teachings in order to purify their gift and understand their place in the bigger spiritual picture.

My friend Kiah and I started doing yoga to cleanse our spirits and tone our bodies. Our instructor was hardcore into yoga and practiced Karezza. She told us about the technique which was advocated by Thomas Lake Harris who derived it from tantric yoga.

Karezza is a sexual magic technique that arouses the energy through erotic stimulation, but the semen is not discharged. The energy is said to give birth instead to magical forms which may be directed for an occult purposes.

This technique is hard to master and our instructor had practiced it for over 35 years. Her energy lingers in the air when you are even near her. We asked her, since we couldn't figure out how to have the sexual orgasms, if she could release energies into something for us? She said she would try to make it work.

Kiah was wearing this piece and Christine, our instructor, channeled her karezza technique through energy into it. Kiah and I have both used this piece with amazing results!

You have to meditate while either wearing our holding the piece and you will feel your legs tighten and your body flood with hormones as you tingle with orgasmic delight. This is AMAZING!!! And you don't have a mess to clean up afterwards... it's the perfect piece to use on a stress filled day ~

This is a great piece if you are more sexual then your partner, or if you just need to release tension! Our busy executive friends are going to fight for this one~

Ahhhh!!!!! I have to add to this one Flamie! It seems that Flamie gets all excited on the sex pieces and forgets to tell you all the important aspects of what it can do other then pleasure yourself. The reason this technique is used is because it gives form to magic and conjuring too. Through the use of this piece you bring good things to life and that is why it is important.

Flamie your killing me!

This piece has real jade.

See the YouTube video:
It's not always bad to shoot blanks/F*
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