It's the Satanic,, Illuminati, Wonderful World of Disney!!

He is one of the most sinister and perverted bastards to ever walk the face of the Earth.  He was a Satanist and a direct descendent of Aleister Crowley, who was never really a legal American citizen.  Rather, he was adopted into one of the 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati, which is why he prospered as he did.  He also happened to create Mickey Mouse and countless other classics that would go on to live in the hearts of many people around the world.  Yeah, I'm talking about Walt Disney.

If you travel to Florida, you are most likely to see lively images of cartoon characters and little girslt squeeling with joy at the thought of "meeting" Cinderella, who, by the way barely makes a living wage these days.  There are theme parks filled with dozens of breathtaking rides and even themed cafes where you can have lunch with your favorite Disney stars.  However, underneath it all lies something more evil than all the good and happiness the place we call Disneyland can bring. 

To begin with, allow me to educate you.  Walt Disneyland is not part of the United States.  Oh no.  It is a covered up and little known fact that Walt Disneyland is its own sovereign nation, complete with its own underground government and laws that could scare the pants off of Michael Clark Duncan.  It is an area where strict surveillance is imposed, where human manipulations and brain control experiment are conducted on the regular, and where you can feasibly get kidnapped and tortured in Disney controlled underground experimentation bunkers.  They are rule by an elite society of Satanists that exhibit all the powers of Aleister Crowley as it has been passed down through his bloodline, of which Walt Disney was a direct descendent.  Don't believe me?  Try this item on for size. 

During our trip to Flordia, we visited a town that was planned, zoned, wired, and is currently controlled by Disney.  It's called Celebration, and not many people know about it.  They have schools full of students are secretly being trained to rule the country as part of the Illuminati.  They have underground bunkers that monitor the every movement within the borders of their city's confines.  They also, as peculiar as it sounds, make it snow whenever they want to-- you'd have to be there to understand.  They also have top-secret underground bunker that is home to they cryogenically frozen Walt Disney.  Yes, folks.  It's not simply an urban legend.  Walt Disney is still alive; frozen, but alive. 

His successors froze Walt Disney as part of his last will and testament.  They have been slowly, but surely using the energy and chemicals from Walt Disney's brain to produce items that summon the the presence of Walt Disney, to give his successors all of his diabolical knowledge and secrets.  We somehow managed to escape with one of these items.  Deedee found it while we perusing a small gift shop on Main Street in Celebration.  She said she immediately felt the powers emanating from it and she got chills down her spine.  She doesn't know how the piece got there, but clearly it was intentionally.  Maybe it was destiny.  Either way, we have the itme.  

We have since tested the piece and added a protection spell to it, along with powers that will mask this piece not ever allowing the Disney Corporation to locate this piece or yourself.  I honestly don't know how we even made it out alive with this piece.  Either way, it holds the powers and knowledge of the true Walt Disney.  It will give you the knowledge of all his Satanic, diabolical magic, but give you the ability to reverse them and use them in a good way.  It will give you the ability to see the world as Disney saw it, uncovering the secrets of total mind domination and the ability to control the minds of the masses.  It will give you secret indoctrinations of the Thirteen Bloodlines of the Illuminati, who they are, what they want, and what their intetions are.  This piece is very powerful and not to be taken lightly. 

Keep in mind, that if you are at all intersted in this piece, it is most likely the ONLY one we will ever have.  It is a miracle that we have it in the first place.    


This piece is sterling silver and holds a crystal transponder chip that allow you to be part of the Disney Illuminati!! 

It's the Satanic,, Illuminati, Wonderful World of Disney!!
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