We found this piece while on investigation in New Orleans. There had been rumor of someone going around to the local gambling spots and cleaning out everyone's pockets! Naturally people thought that this person was just a skilled gambler, but being in the business that we're in, you can't take the chance that perhaps this person has some magical assistance backing his cards, so we set out to find him. <br /><br />

We followed several leads, talking to gamblers and casino workers who had lost just about everything in gambling with this mysterious man. We eventually caught up to him at a local bar's card table. We asked to join the game, each with our own personal luck pieces in hand. The plan was to use the combined power of our luck pieces and gamble him down to nothing. As we took our seats we all seemed to notice the piece he was wearing, which we could tell was pulsating with some type of magical power. About 2 hours into gambling with the man, who introduced himself as Jack, we managed to but up a good fight, getting him down to the last of his money. Before we emptied his pockets, I put my luck piece on the table and threw it into the winnings, and asked him to match me with the piece he was wearing. He seemed a little nervous when I said this, but reluctantly placed his piece in with the winnings. Now with each of us testing our true luck with gambling, it was anyone's game. Then we went around the table, revealing our dealt hands, and luckily for me I had more aces than I thought! At this point I folded, taking my winnings and the new piece with me. <br /><br />

Later we inspected the piece we won from Jack, and as it turned out we had struck gold! This piece had been infused with the spirits of gamblers past! By wearing the piece the spirits assist you with every hand, whispering what to do at the right moment, and telling you who's bluffing and when to hold. To establish communication with these spirits, all one must do is enter any place where gambling is happening, and touch the piece to each finger tip. After communication is established, then all you have to do is play! Just be sure to have absolute faith in the spirits, and be sure to listen for their words of wisdom. Fill your pockets and have a great time with this advantage, and none's the wiser! 


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