Jade Dragon and Golden Phoenix-<br /><br />

In China there is an ancient tale of the Jade Dragon and Golden Phoenix fighting with the Queen Mother of Heaven over a mystical pearl. <br /><br />

This many-faceted pendant holds numerous powers ! It was found in the waters of the lake where the pearl dropped, and took on the powers of the Dragon, the Phoenix, and the Queen Mother. It is believed that all of them turned into this pendant when they realized they could not all have the pearl, which they all desired for its powers.<br /><br />

The Jade depicted here holds the power over water, the Third Eye, and astral trapping, it references the Dragon. <br /><br />

The Golden hues of the piece and chain showcase the powers of the Phoenix, and gives you the power over fire, air, and astral flying. <br /><br />

The beetle emblem of this necklace holds the healing touch and power over plant life. It holds pure, unadulterated energy, and has the potential to give you power over many things, such as witches, vampires, etc.<br /><br />

Finally, the Queen Mother—signified by the encrypted symbols (red circle, golden scarab and lunar icon) at the top, above the beetle, gives the power of full psychic abilities, from premonitions to astral teleportation. She has servants that will be yours; able to do your bidding on the astral plane, they will find lost items, pamper you, be your guards, or your spies. The green jade on which the Dragon, Phoenix and Queen Mother sits masterfully channels all these powers into you.<br /><br />

*This can be worn as a pendant on this chain, or comes off and can be worn as a pin!

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