This piece is inhabited by a modern day sex spirit!  We obtained it from our friends at a clinic that specializes in sex magic.  The clinic is based out of Delaware, and all products are guaranteed to work.  All sex spirits are guaranteed clean and renewed.  They will help you achieve the maximum level of arousal and desire. <br /><br />

The spirits name Jasmine Woodworthy and her spirit takes the form of a tall, sun-tanned, brunette. She has vibrant, sparkling blue eyes and luscious, succulent pink lips that will send an electric spark down your spinal chord when she presses them against your body.  She isn’t just any sex spirit.  Oh no, Jasmine, who sometimes times prefers to be called Jazzy, specializes in oral sex.  And she doesn’t play favorites either.  Whether you are a charming you man or a bedazzling young woman in need of attention, Jasmine will be sure to get the job done.  Once Jasmine goes down, there’s no telling what she’ll be up to. <br /><br />

As an added benefit (as if Jasmine wasn’t enough of a treat) when your sex spirit comes to you in the night to blow your ...mind, the spirit will not only give you the best orgasm of your life, but she will alsol leave behind the ability to see through your third eye, or chakra.  You will able to communicate with spirits across all astral levels.  Go ahead, fully maximize your capabilities... you might find one Hell of hookup~!<br /><br />

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