Native wealth abides in this piece! This was discovered in Bermuda when I was on an investigation back in May.<br /><br />

The center of this holds a small coin purse that is made of exotic shell. The trinket piece was revealed from beneath the waters and processed channeled forces of energy that shocked my foot while I was diving and exploring the gorgeous blue waters.<br /><br />

Having such a charge felt even through my flipper made me first thing I stepped on a stigray, or jellyfish... but as luck would have it I brushed up against this powerful item. <br /><br />

I brought it to the surface and thought there might be a creature living within, but there was just sand. It was beautiful and shined once we polished it up. I also found some amazing beads while in Bermuda... and so we made this into a necklace using the coin purse as a pendant.<br /><br />

Testers discovered that the allure of this piece is the attraction of money. The pendant strives to be filled with cold hard cash and will bring the adorner luck and blessings to ensure that the piece will be bountiful and filled.<br /><br />

You simply need to place money within the piece and wear it for 5 days without taking the piece off.. after this happens remove the money and keep the piece empty; it will yearn for money and your life will attract monetary blessings. We have discovered that the higher the currency placed within theshell pendant the more multiplying the blessing seems to be in bringing wealth into your life~!<br /><br />

Awesome piece of constant relinquishment of money.<br /><br />

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