Black Forest Nazi Mind-Control <br /><br />

We all know about Pearl Harbor, but what isn't readily taught is the fact that Nazis also invaded and broke land in America.  It was during an operation called "Operation Pastorius."  What happened was that the Nazi submarines battled along the coast, between the cities of Jacksonville and St. Augustine.  A small crew of Nazis managed to break shore.  They were given a suitcase with a second set of clothes so they would blend in with Americans.  Additionally, they spoke perfect English and read and wrote legibly.  Their operation??  Mind Control.  Likewise, another infiltration was set up in Long Island, New York.  <br /><br />

Supposedly their mission was espionage and sabotage of the United State government.  The plan went sour, however, when George Johann Dasch decided that he "felt bad" for the American government and divulged his secrets to the American government.  In turn, he was "rewarded" with life imprisonment.  The rest minus one other spy were eventually wrangled up and executed.  Well, one other spy was salvaged, but that was because he too came forward.  The important part is this.  It wasn't about espionage.  It was about Germany and the US working together.  It was about the NWO.  They staged a war to cover up their true operation:  Mind Control of the Masses.  <br /><br />

The NWO has been working on ways to control the minds of people, and what better place to start than the shores of Florida, where mind control was already being readily practiced by camps set up by the government.  These camps still exist today, under the guise and operation of FEMA.  Anyway, by the end of the war, the footing for extreme mind control was already set into place.  It has been the primary objective of the NWO, who are the ruling elite.  Truthfully, there are some days where I wonder if I haven't been a victim of mind control myself.   <br /><br />

For those of you who don't already know, the Nazis are infamous for their experimentation on their victim's bodies.  As a result of this experimentation and a secret agent from the Black Forest of Germany, they have been able to develop the key basics for mind control experimentation.  Rather than make enemies with what was the most powerful country in the world at the time, Ameria, why not allow them to buy in?  And sadly, folks, our government has.  Well not the whole government.  Just the NWO, the ones that are the Big Brother of today's society.  In fact, the sole intention of the operation is to establish a Fourth Reich.  Under the Fourth Reich there will be a one world totalitarian government system and religion.  When you are controlling everyone, who is going to argue?  Could this technology be the mark of the beast? <br /><br />

I have this piece here and I cannot tell you where it came from.  It's highly confidential.  All I can tell you is that it holds the special agent from the Black Forest that is allowing these people to confidentially conduct mind control.  They have already started implementing it and it isn't long until they have the entire world under their control.  This piece will allow you to shield yourself from this mind control, because it is going to give you the knowledge of all factors of mind control.  Then, you will be given powers to reverse their mind control.  You will also gain the ability to control the minds of others, if you so choose.  I know it seems defeatist, but they go hand in hand.  <br /><br />

You will gain the knowledge and ability of remote viewing which has also been going on with these mind control experiments.  It's all one giant government conspiracy, and basically this piece will enlighten your mind to know all the ins and outs.  You will also gain couple of pretty cool powers out of it, that have come from the depths of the Black Forest.  This piece is very powerful.  Deedee used it on me one time and had me out in the street doing the chicken dance.  I know that's funny, but the issue is much more serious folks.  Don't let this one pass you up.  Take advantage of it today!!  <br /><br />

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