Ancient Egyptian Knowledge in Florida:  My Personal Experience!!  <br /><br />

This piece is mystifying piece that divulges secrets of the Ancient Egyptians.  The story behind the power begins with a man named Ed-- last name Leedskalnin.  He is originally born in Latvia in 1887.  He was set to marry the love of his life, a girl who had jilted him just before the day of his wedding.  Ed's life was then thrown into a shit-shambles and he took off to travel the world  He traveled all over Europe.  When he was done in Europe he set off to Canada.  When he was done there he began in Northern Washington State.  He eventually made his way down to to South Forida, which is quite a feat in itself.  Then, to set off building the monument that he did makes one wonder if he really is superman in the flesh; but he's not.  He has discovered an ancient form of magic.  <br /><br />

When Ed bought his land in Florida City, he immediately got to work constructing a monument to his lost love.  Poor boy, I guess he thought this was going to help him get her back?  I don't know, the connection just wasn't there.  However, Ed a different and much more valuable connection-- and that was to the universe.  Ed had a love for science and history, more specifically astronomy and the Ancient Egyptians.  He claims to have such a deep connection with both that he finally figured our the secrets behind the magic that allowed the Egyptians to build the great pyramids of Giza.  No, it wasn't free slave labor, either.  It was a seriously deep magic.  While you might be wondering to yourself if Ed had lost his mind, considering the following.  <br /><br />

Ed was a tiny little thing, standing a mere 5 feet tall and weighing only 100 pounds.  Kind of skimpy; but he moved all of the portions of his monument himself.  His monument was crafted out of coral rock.  He quarried the rock by himself, carved the rock by himself, and (as we have already covered) moved the rock by himself.  The thing is these portions of coral rock weighed tons and tons of pounds.  All Ed used was basic tools-- iron wedges, blocks, and tackle.  He had no engines and no source of powers.  He somehow managed to construct a monument weighing 1,100 tons-- that's over 2 million pounds!!  That's also crazy!!  The average weight of one of Ed's blocks was heavier than one block in the Pyramid of Giza.  <br /><br />

What's more is that the area of Florida City soon became more populated that what Ed desired.  In 1936, he purchased land in Homestead, borrowed a friends tractor, dismantled the shrine to his lost love, and moved it.  Nobody knows how me managed to move it; but he did.  He reconstructed his new-age Stonehenge, calling it Rock Gate Park.  When Ed died in 1951, the park was sold privately.  It was renamed Coral Castle and opened up to tourists.  To draw a conclusion about the magic that Ed had practiced, when the nine ton gate of Coral Castle needed repair in 1986, it took six men and 50 ton crane to move it.  Now, how could this possibly have been done by one man??  <br /><br />

Everyone knew the Ed was a mysterious guy.  Nobody really knew that much about him, and when asked how he performed such a feat he simply replied, "I know the secrets of the Pyramids."  At night he would build his monument and during the day he could be found resting or reading books on cosmic energy, magnetics, and the like.  Ed had really mastered the concept behind Egyptian magic, but there is something that not many people know that we didn't even know until we visited Coral Castle during our stay in Florida.  <br /><br />

When we visited Coral Castle, we explained our business to the management there.  They weren't too excited, as all they really care about nowadays is making a buck.  However, we did meet a younger employee who shared in our enthusiasm for the strange and paranormal.  She informed us of a secret way to get into the Coral Castle and night time.  She even told us places to look if we were looking summon Ed's spirit.  Apparently, Ed's presence around the Coral Castle isn't something that went complete extinct.  He still remains at his shrine that he built for his lost love.  Love is a strong emotion, so I'm guess that's why he is still connected to this place.  <br /><br />

Anyway, we lucked out, because we managed to sneak in the park at night time, with a little help from that enthusiastic employee.  The energy in that place at night is astronomical and if you listen closely enough you can hear it emanated from the coral rocks.  We didn't take any equipment in with us, because that venture would have bee to risky and we didn't want to get caught.  Florida cops are a bit... shall we say, different... and getting caught would have been bad.  With the raw psychic ability of both Deedee and myself, we began to investigate the area, drawing the conclusion that indeed Ed had discovered the secrets of the Ancient Egyptians.  We were able to channel the energy from the Coral Castle into a piece of bark from an enchanted tree that was within the park.  <br /><br />

Later, we were able to use this piece to contact the deceased Ed, who authenticate the powers in the piece and made the original.  Now, this piece offers the same powers that Ed had learned from Egyptian spirits and his study of their ways.  During communication with Ed, he told us that he had visited Egypt and was given special knowledge and enlightenment by an Egyptian sorcerer.  After awhile, the ancient magic that the Egyptians had used to build the great pyramids-- in his word-- just began to make sense.  Eventually, he was able to read the secrets that were written in the cosmos, which is why he built his monument only at nighttime.  This energy and knowledge has been transposed into this piece.  The owner of this piece will be the sole owner of this exclusive information and knowledge.  You will have the knowledge as Ed, with the ability to read the secret messages written by the ancients in the night sky via the cosmos.  You will gain the Egyptian form of magic, which is dual in nature, but white in intention.  <br /><br />

This piece is all original and like I said has been authenticated by Ed.  The owner of this piece will find themselves to be the very lucky owner of this exclusive energy that is offered only by Haunted Curiosities.  You do not want to miss out on this one!!  <br /><br />

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