From the Grave of A Witch <br /><br />

Ah!  Broken is the golden bowl <br /><br />
The Spirit flown forever!  <br /><br />
Let the bell toll!  a saintly soul <br /><br />
Floats on the Stygian River; <br /><br />
Come let the burial rite be read <br /><br />
The funeral song be sung; <br /><br />
An anthem for the queenliest dead <br /><br />
That died so young <br /><br />
A dirge for her the doubly dead <br /><br />
In that she died so young.  <br /><br />

-Epitaph from the grave of Elizabeth Budd Graham <br /><br />

This item comes from a personal experience that I had when we were lodging outside of Tallahassee, Florida.  I'd have to say the Tallahassee wasn't my favorite part of the trip by a long shot.  We weren't even going to stop there, but when we caught wind of the Old City Cemetery and the secrets that lie within, we figure that while we were there, we might as well make a stop.  It's not like we get down to Florida all the time, so it was a trip well worth the travel.  Besides that, what came to me in a dream is more than enough reason to have gone there in the first place.  <br /><br />

The legend of the cemetery states that a witch was buried there, although, until now, no solid, concrete proof has ever been present... well, at least there hasn't been any document.  However, I can now reassure you that this grave marker is that of a witch.  I can't say that we actually found any evidence in the graveyard, because we didn't.  We tried and failed.  However, I think that maybe it was just because we were trying a little bit too hard that nothing had happened.  That night proved to be little bit more productive.  During a dream, the presence of the witch came to me in full fruition.   She communicated with me telepathically. <br /><br />

Elizabeth, or Bessie, as she was known as in her previous existence, was indeed a witch.  The magic she practiced was an ancient dual form Celtic magic.   She learned this magic because she was the heiress of a very powerful bloodline of witches known as the Witches of the Golden Bowl, the Golden Bowl being the original artifact that the founding members of the coven took their communal sacrament out of.  She was a beautiful, young witch, dying at the age of 23.  She left behind her two children to pass on the bloodline to.  <br /><br />

She came to me one night, in a dream, while we were lodging outside of Tallahassee.  I think this is due, in part, to the fact that I had a connection with her at her grave site.  It was a small one, but a connection nonetheless.  She used this to come through to me.  She told me her story.  She died a young age at the hand of a witch hunter, who didn't murder her brutally, but rather with a form of Black Magic.  This witch hunter wasn't a typical one and was after Bessie's power, rather than redemption for the Lord.  <br /><br />

As witches cannot pass into the afterlife after death, when they grow old they usually remain immortal in some other form-- another human, an animal, etc.  It's called shape-shifting.  SInce her life was robbed, she was stuck in a realm between life and death.  This is why she "floats on the Stygian River, neither dead nor alive, but merely in Limbo at the loss of her mortal body.  Her "spirit has flown forever" to a realm where she has become the elect Queen a coven that suffered a similar fate as her own.  <br /><br />

In order for her to come back into full fruition, she needs a host-- somebody to activate her powers and allow her to exist alternatively through another person's existence.  This is the power that I am offering you.  After the dream I was left with this item.  It is Bessie's existence.  If you will have her, she will come to you and offer you all of her powers.  She will allow you dual magic, spells, enchantments, and other rituals of witchery.  This is a powerful piece because Bessie wants so badly to be reunited with her former existence and to pass into her rightful realm of immortality.  However, for now, she remains a legend with a fancy gravestone in Old City Cemetery in Florida.  <br /><br />

This piece is available immediately.  You can help Elizabeth help you.  With this piece she will become your companion witch helping you occupy your existence and turning you into a witch of her full bloodline.  This power will transform you and her at the same time and when it is time for her to move on, you will become her heir or heiress.  This means, you will automatically become the next one in her bloodline. <br /><br />

The magic in this piece will allow you to also see into the bloodline and access the souls of the former witches for their magic and knowledge.  With this knowledge your ability will flourish and your sense will become astute and much more keen.  This piece is very powerful and belongs to somebody who knows this is what they want.  You will be transformed and you will become a very, very powerful being!!  <br /><br />


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