The Order of Diocletian: Dark Form Vampire... And an Angel<br /><br />

**WHITE LIGHT PIECE**<br /><br />

For those of you who do not know who Diocletian is, he was a Roman Emperor from the year 284 to 305.  He was a persecutor of the church and contributed greatly influence of Freemasonry in civilization.  He also contributed greatly in another way, but there's more about that later.  <br /><br />

In 298 Diocletian decided to build baths on the necks of the Quirinal and Virminal hills.  Along with these baths, he deiced to construct a temple to Aesculapius, god of health.  He ordered five sculptors to execute the construction of the temple.  Being Christians, the five sculptors, named Claudius, Nicostratus, Sinforianus, Castorinus, and Simplicus, refused.  Consequentially, the five sculptors were put to death.  <br /><br />

During Diocletian's return to Rome, he ordered all Roman soldiers to throw incense upon the alter that was dedicated to Aesculapius.  When four Master Mason brothers, who held the rank of Corinculari refused to pay homage to the god of health, they were ordered to die.  They were scourged to death with leaden thongs, following which their bodies were placed into leaden cases and they were tossed into the river.  <br /><br />

Later a brother named Nicodemus recovered their bodies and placed them in a catacombs, which eventually became known as Quattro Coronati.  What does all this mean?  Well, the martyrs... all of them... were blessed with sanctification by God.  They were also rewarded with eternal light and life.  <br /><br />
On the other hand, Diocletian was cursed with eternal death, damnation, and darkness.  He was cursed by God to the pits of the Underworld to feast on human blood and remain a servant of the dark for eternity.  As were his descendants.  Upon death, Diocletian was resurrected as a vampire-- a prince of eternal darkness.  <br /><br />

Diocletian became the ruler of the darkest and largest vampire coven to have ever existed.  Asides from his own dark existence, his story lives on in the legends of the Quattro Coronati.  The name Quattro Coronati was later adopted by a group of covert Freemasons who held a strong form of white magic that allowed them to receive the white powers and energies of the angels.  They were inspired by the Masonic martyrs, and thus called themselves by the same name, Quattro Coronati.<br /><br />

I have a connection who is a 3rd Degree Quattro Coronati, who sent me a package last Christmas.  I didn't understand the pieces at first, and to be honest with you they are still quite mysterious, but I have finally cracked the case.  <br /><br />

During investigation, I have determined that these pieces are two, separate identities.  One is an extreme white power piece, which holds all the powers of the Masonic Craft.  It will give you the powers and energies associated with the Quattro Coronati.  This means you will receive white powers and magic from Heaven.  This is accompanied with the ability to speak to angles.  Attached to this piece is a guardian angel from the 6th level of Heaven.  The angel will help you along your journeys and act a guide towards total success for you.  <br /><br />

On the other hand you have the dark piece.  It is inhabited by one of the offspring of Diocletian.  It is irrevocably dark and holds the powers, energies and magic, of pitch black, vampiric powers.   Now this piece comes fully supercharged and it is only necessary to feed once every two years, so you won't have any worries as far as that is concerned.  You will become a master of the dark arts, being able to practice any powers that are associated with the dark craft.  <br /><br />

These complete opposite, yet twin, pieces have been worked with time and time again.  It took us this long, but we have fully master the powers in both.  These items are available individually or as a pair.  I will say this, when used together, this piece provides some of most powerful dual-core magic I have personally ever seen.   <br /><br />

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