JARVIS THE CASH LEPRECHAUN,hr doesn't like assess

This piece is EXTREMELY powerful. If cash is what you seek then this Leprechaun is what you want. You only need to guess his right name which we have and will pass onto you.

I'm going to go over his traits.

Personality/sarcastic and and a joker but loving to those in his home. Protective and giving but still will play pranks but nothing that will cost you money.

Age/ he seems to be immortal until the end times

Children/ good with them BUT does not like holy terrors. I know this because he was around when I had these weirdo's over and their kids got on my very last nerve. He kinda tortured them by slapping them upside the head. Sorry but if he didn't I sure wanted to.

Money,Money,Money/ it's all good as he like to live in the lush life. He will make sure you do to. You never need to ask for much but he does like conversation and to be a part of a family.

Things he likes to do/ He enjoys bowling,movies,cartoons and fine art that is based on nature. Like mine his favorite color is green. He also likes steak and pizza. He will also like to drink,beer,ale or anything alcoholic.

He loves companionship and is very active. You will be very happy. You don't have to worry about the children as long as they are not big assess.

Wealth IS his main thing. You WILL be happy! He also loves to sit between boobs but he is happy with a male or female it doesn't matter.
JARVIS THE CASH LEPRECHAUN,hr doesn't like assess
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