This is an antique in sterling and belonged to Jasmine Shalimer who was a well trained and natural witch.

One of the greatest things she was able to do was to create magicals with a purpose and that she did!

She was very good at what she did and this is one of the pieces that she used. This item is in sterling silver and is a bottle with a great working top,nothing wrong with it. What you do with it is you place any liquid in it and I would use water. You do this and then tap it with your finger on the top and pronounce what you wish it to do.

What your doing is coating yourself in a magic. So if you want wealth you would use it and then allow the water to wash over your hands. This allows you to have the Midas Touch. You can fill it for health and place the water on the area you need. You can douse your home and rid it of negative. Basically you can do anything with this because that is how it was designed. You may go as far as doing astral travel and time hopping.
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