11-21-09 I love this one a lot and it holds a war spirit inside. Not a portion of him but the real and whole spirit as they are supposed to be. No fraction,np particle,no snapped spirit bones here,only the real thing. Just like a glass of Coke! His name is Jeremiah and he is way back when we had the original 13 colonies. Any person who was alive during that time he can call up including the original Masons and the European bankers. This is a very powerful yet unassuming piece. You can make your own Ouija board and use this on it as your Planchette. You may also stamp your wishes AFTER having him call up those wonderful secret societies. What I mean by that is to seal your magic. To seal something means only you can make it not work or break it. Jeremiah is very handsome,clean cut and all man. He does appear when he is not doing other things for you or having the vessel used as a planchette or as a seal. Place him out in the open and being a spirit he has no need to be charged. Take him to bed and place him under the pillow or next to it to gain psychic and telepathic ability. We all have tested him. I tested him not because I did not believe the rest of the group but because I'm into History and I learned a few things I did not know. I asked about yellow fever in Philly and also where there were secret graves and he told me. Plague and yellow fever I'm so into!
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