Simply put this helps with body odor! Jeremiah Miller was made fun of for years at school because he had a bad smell. The poor kid scrubbed himself with soap in the shower every morning, and wore deodorant, but by mid-morning the odor was back!

He had been to many specialists and they just could not uncover what was going on. His mother then contacted a woman known for her spells in Massachusetts, and she empowered this piece for him, a small pin with his initial that he could discretly wear.

Jeremiah wore this from 6th grade through senior year and his popularity changed! His old reputation faded away and he smelled fresh and clean.

He stopped wearing this in college to see if the odor would return, and it didn't and has not since -- which it has now been 5 years since he graduated college! He wanted to pass on this glorious, life-saving, piece to someone who is in need of help from their own stench!

If you bathe regularly and wear deodorant but still seem to have a smell, then you need this piece... although it was made for Jeremiah, the piece has been tested and will work for anyone!

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