This is a Jew Whistle. It was once used as an alarm to bring variance that there was trouble insuing upon them ... but later this was turned into a pendant, as a memory of how things used to be.

What we discovered is this is a powerful piece of variance, bringing forth the mechanicals to make you rich! I am sure you have hear phrases implementing that Jewish people are cheap, or tight with their money... well the reason they are "tight" is because they have the enrichment of knowledge to infuse the implicated energies of our Universe to bring more money into their pockets.

Instead of going out and spending all that they make, they insue their money to make smart choices, and in turn they have nice things and bouties of money!

This piece is regimented with the energies that they are enriched with as they grow, and so now you can have a glamorous life, without having to even think about it~!

No shame in people thinking you are tight with spending, as you will reap the benefits of nice things -- a nice home, car, clothing... no more strain on wandering how people advance... as the secrets and blessings will come forth to you.

This piece holds a small rolled insert that has majestic magic upon it, we do not reccomend removing this -- as far as it was tested by our staff it is what glorifies this piece -- and removal could cause the piece not to benefit you!

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