This is one of the very unique items I have that comes directly from the source. I'm glad to have obtained these as they are one of s kind. This is Joasn of Arc in the Flesh. What I mean to say is that it is made out of her flesh and with a backing of leather to keep it safe. This has got to be one of the ULTIMATE relics you czn get.

On the top of her head is a stone,crystal that represents the third eye and her sbility to speak to God and to hear him. This is the ultimate in communication with God.

I have tested this and so has Steve and Victor. Tomer even used it to see if it would work with him and it did. What this does is almost to much to list here. First I want to tell you how we got this piece.

I was contacted by a woman who began seeing things in her home and hearing God speak to her. She thought she was going crazy except that she had no problems before this. She had gone to an auction in New Orleans because she was into the paranormal and all things occult. This was said to have come from A Turkish Sultan who murdered his brother and created a death tree. I did some looking and research into this and the only murder I could find with a Turkish Sultan was the Gardette lePretre house on Dauphine St. I believe this is where it came from. Doing more research I had found that this Sultan collected items from Djinn's,Saints and as he was to call them, savages.

Doing research on this was very hard but I found out quite a bit and give everything over to Valerie who decided not to keep the item. It's not that this is not a great piece,it IS! It is that she is into the occult and all the rest but has no time for anything religious. I say to each his own.

As I tested the item I had a few visitors and visions as well. I made contact through no effort of my own with St. Margaret, St. Michael and St. Catherine. These Angels and Saints gave me great insight but most importantly they gave me full mind reading ability. As I did more research I learned that Joan of Arc also had this as well.  This was given to her so that Kings and soldiers would listen to her.

YES!!! I did have a conversation with St. Michael but it as not what you would think it would be about. We discussed if it was true that he fought Lucifer and was he really friends with him. All of it was true. I asked so many questions my own head was spinning. One of the things I really wanted to know was if God was indeed speaking to her then why was she burned. I was told that it was her choice to go through with it and at anytime she could have told him to save her from the fire. I said that it didn't seem like that to me and he asked me if I Was there to witness it. I of course wasn't and Michael is a Saint so I will take his word on it.

Saint Catherine gave me the ability to hold items in my hand and have a knowing of the person who owned them. I was told that this would be needed by me very soon.  I also met Joan of Arc and she appeared in a glowing golden light and when she spoke a smoke came from her mouth the first time she opened it. She told me not to be afraid and that my people would be granted miracles because it is they who seek a deeper understanding.

What I can tell you is that you gain a direct communication with God. The help of the Saints and supernatural ability that can be used for good.

I also loaned this one out for testing to a lady that works in a hospital. She used it to heal or try and heal and it worked BUT in every case it worked but 2. The two cases that couldn't be helped Saint Michael showed up in a doctor. Okay I want to make sure I explain this correctly.


Okay,the two cases that this piece could not heal was one child and one middle aged women with two kids. In the first case of the child the pediatric doctor was looking at the child and then his face turned into Saint Michael and he spoke with Saint Michael's voice as well. When he said what he had to then the face went back to the doctor. He said that it was the childs tme to move on because he had stuff to do in the spirit world. He also said he would not suffer. In the case of the woman with the two kids it was the same thing. That doctor's face turned as well and she was told that it was her time to go too and that she would be helping teenagers in need from the spirit world.

I think while we feel death is sometimes awful,maybe it is not so bad and it seems that we often have more work to do.


The person that takes this piece will be given a full psychic ability,visitation from Saints and various other supernatural abilities. Joan of Arc will also visit and guide you in full body.




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