This is a Joint-Eater fairy and if you think they don't exist, look them up. This is one of the best weight loss items you can get. I waited for this one from the pond guy for three years now.

The Joint-Eater is a fairy that sits beside you only when you eat and no matter what you eat, you lose the weight. This is NOT a good thing for a thin person because you are already thin and it is not good because you don't want to waste away. Many have a weird sense of what they look like, for example that lady I saw at the school who swore she looked great in a pink tutu, so not true! Or the women with massive fat rolls in tight half shirts, again, so not good. So if you have a bad sense, ask someone if you need this before buying. This is a great item.

The attached fairy's name is Halseana (Hal-shawn-ah) and she will be with you. To make her active just place a piece of paper with your ideal weight within the inside of the center and wear the ring daily, that is it~!

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