The first piece from the Georgia Guide Stones Time Capsule holds the form of an ancient Djinn.  It the first Djinn that has ever existed and all Djinn that exist are as a result of him.  He sprung the Djinn existance into life with power that he found on another plane.  He brought the power back to Earth with him, and thus began his line of Djinn offspring.  <br /><br />

More particularly he is a Junun Efreet.  His color his blue, which signifies longevity, intelligence, and omnipotence.  His knowledge is timeless.  With the help of Tomer, we were able to extract his powers, which come from the City of Brass  on the plane of Rabiah, from a year that is so old we can't plausibly put a number to it.  He is made of purity fire, so hot that he has turned bluish-purple color.  <br /><br />

This Djinn is serious business and extremely powerful.  He holds the power of possession of the mind, as this is how these typs of Djinn harass their victims.  They incite madness into their victim or locke eyes with them to possess their body.  They can also take on the shape of any other entity they choose.  They have been known to do this as a means of tricking humans into selling them their souls, which makes them more powerful.  <br /><br />

Your Djinn, whose name is Ishaan and means bestower of riches... he will bestow riches to both in the form of actual riches and magical and spiritual riches.  He has been captured by a Sahir who was also very powerful. He tricked Ishaan into this vessel and never let him return.<br /><br />  

Once a Junun has been captured their nature turns completely white-light and subservient.  They become hospitable and will grant their host any means of wishes that he or she wants.  They will also grant the host their original powers including their timeless knowledge, their ability of complete mind control, and their ability to shape-shift into other entities and creatures. <br /><br />

We tested this product with Tomer, and we were able to summon Ishaan forth.  He appeared to us in the shape of a great bluish-purple elemental that glowed like a campfire and heated the entire room.  He was adorned with heavy gold jewelry, which represent his extreme, ancient wealth, that he will be passing on to you soon!!  <br /><br />

To use this piece, wear it on your finger or on a necklace.  Stare dead into Ishaan's eyes.  Focus on how you imagine your Djinn appearing to you.  When you concentrate long and hard enough he will manifest himself to you, giving you the powers from above!! <br /><br />

Going through these items has been exhausting and it seems to us that the PZone1 which is the royal zone has decided to keep a little of everything so nothing is lost. However we are not sure of this because of it still being sealed in a time capsule. We are only guessing this. Maybe it was that they did not know of it at all? This piece is pure sterling silver. We can give out the name on this one because it is so powerful it can not go anywhere except who we designate it go to.

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