Perhaps the biggest unsolved mystery is that of Jack the Ripper.  Who is the guy?  Why did he kill the people he killed?  There seem to many theories as to who the man behind the mask really was.  However, I can tell you with all certainty that I have finally scored the most important breakthrough in determining exactly who the culprit was or rather is.  In fact, the infamous "Ripper" as he is dubbed isn't just one solitary person.  Rather, he is a collaborated effort, a group of people who have joined forces to keep a secret as old as the ages amongst the inner circle.  In fact, it isn't the first time something like this has been done, either.  There have been many other mass suicides and even single murders that have occurred at the expense of keeping the unknown the unknown.  The theory?  The magic that this group of folks has is one of the most powerful magics to have ever grazed the face of the Earth.  It goes back to the to the times of King Solomon and his building of the First Temple, the whereabouts of which have been hotly contested to this day simply because the physical remains are non-existent. 

Between August and November 1888, the Whitechappel district in the East End of London was the scent of six murders for whom no culprit was determined to be found.  They called him Jack the Ripper.  The victims were all female prostitutes and five of the six were mutilated beyond mere physical recognition.  It has widely been assumed that the person who murdered these victims was a highly trained medical professional due to the accuracy and cuts with which the incisions were made during the mutilation and due to the fact that the weapon of choice was very near the likeness of a scalpel.  However, this has never been proved nor disproved in the public eye.  However, there are skeletons in everybody's closet and we all know that the royal family is absolutely no exception to having skeletons.  In fact, there skeletons could probably pack a stadium.  

The fact that these ladies were prostitutes had nothing to do with the fact that they were sought out and murdered.  Sometimes knowing the wrong people leads to dire consequences.  After all, birds of the feather flock together and the royal family has a history of protecting its family's name at all costs.  In fact, to ponder the fact that there was merely one ripper is actually quite absurd given the cleanness and organized skill it took to commit the heinous acts.  Rather, this was more like an organize hunt-- a game, if you will-- albeit taken very serious by the Throne and her royalcohorts.  Some theories place Prince Eddy, the Duke of Clarence, Son of the Prince of Wales, and third in line to the throne at the epicenter of the murderous plot.  This is false.  

Eddy was the cause of the murder, not the actual murderer himself.  It's actually quite tragic, the story.  It seems as though the royal family did not take to kindly to the fact that Eddy was slumming it up and falling in love with commoners and marrying them-- not just any commoner either, but a Catholic.  Just for reference this violates the 1701 Act of Settlement, prohibiting any member of the royal family to marry any Catholic under any circumstances.  Without dabbling in the whole lot of detail surrounding the engagement, Eddy met, slept with, and married one Alice Mary Crook.  

When Grandmother finds out-- all hail the Queen-- she goes ape shit.  To make the matter worse, she finds out that Alice is with child.  This infuriates her even more, fearing that if the public hears that a Catholic is succession to the throne will throw the public into an uproar.  To keep the kingdom at ease, Her Majesty entrusts the entrails of the situation the Lord of Salisbury who in turn enlists the likes of Sir William Gull.  They have Eddy and Alice kidnapped.  Eddy is kept under the care of William Gull due to the fact that he has, by this time, contracted syphilis.  Alice was committed to an asylum.  Eddy dies from the disease in 1892 and Alice goes insane. dying in 1920.  As for the baby, it is placed in the care of a commoner named Mary Kelly, who then committed the care of the child to nuns before falling a ring of alcoholism and prostitution.  She begins sending threatening messages to the royal family of blackmail.  

As a favor to the queen, Gull returns to Cleveland streets and kills Mary and all of her prostitute friends as to make absolute certain there are no witnesses to the crime or to the illegitimate heir to the throne.  Poor Catherine Eddowes, one of the six victims was killed merely because she resembled Mary Kelly.  As a physician Gull certainly had the wherewithal to stage these crimes and cut the victims up with the knowledge to which they were dissected and mangled. Gull died 15 months after Kelly died.  He escaped being charged for the murder because the Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Robert Anderson, was a member of the conspiracy as well.  To bring the whole story full circle, the thing that binds all of these willing participants together is the fact that they are all top level Freemasons.  While airing the royals' dirty laundry will certainly cause widespread pandemonium, what they feared the most was in a case such as this the leadership of the Queen would come under fierce scrutiny, probing further investigation.  PI'scan be like gnats sometimes, too.  You swat at them but they never go away entirely.  There's always somebody that wants to prove you wrong.  Again, the Queen and her royal inner circle do not want their magic getting away from them. It is extremely powerful.  Even until this very day, the body count of the Royal family is into the thousands.  If you thought Clinton was bad, be glad you aren't in England. Things go down in England.  

As for the bodies of the victims, Gull sliced and diced away at them in patterns that were handed down in sacred crystal tablets that were handed down and are in the possession of the royal family currently.  They are tablets that have taught the royal family and those they decide to share it with, the original magic of King Solomon and his First Temple that was built with magic and sorcery that he has spent years devising, practicing, and perfecting.  The murders were done as a re-enactment of the murder of Mason Hiram Abiff in Solomon's Temple by Jubela, Jubelo, andJubelum.  It isn't hard to figure out that the symbolism is there.

Now, I'm sure your asking yourself, what does this have to do with an item that is being offered by Haunted Curiosities.  Well, I'm glad your curious or else we might be Haunted "something else".  Deedee and I got this during an investigation that we probed into these really strange pyramids we found on the outskirts of Lancaster county.  Originally, we had got lost.  You see, I was taking her on a hiking trip to this place that we locals know as Thousand Steps.  Don't bother googling it, either, because we make sure there is very insubstantial evidence of the place. Pretty much locals only.  In fact, I've been here my entire life and I sometimes even get lost.  So, we were hiking down the wrong trail.  We probably hiked a good five miles until we reached the apex of a mountain.  We were both huffing and puffing.  Deedee was really mad at me, too.  Not like just a little bit mad, but like the epitome of mad.  Honestly, I was a little bit mad too, knowing we had to turn around and walk five miles back.  It was nearly twilight when we found out I had screwed up royally.  Off in the distance we saw a light glimmering. We walked the trail until the light got a bit bigger, but then there wasn't a trail to follow so we tromped through woods and water and trees and probably poison ivy to get to the light so we could figure out if there was somebody there a freaking ATV or something to give a lift back to the car.  Of course there wasn't, but we did encounter a very small set of pyramids.  There were three of them all together.  They seemed to mimic the ones in Giza, but were fashioned to be hidden from public view. Epic fail if you ask me, because we saw them right away, but then again... who hikes back this far?? I don't know.  We kind of lucked out if you ask me.  

On the walls of the pyramids, was a special type of writing that more less resemble hieroglyphs and the only thing in one of the pyramids was this piece, so naturally we took it.  Listen, I'm not sure how old this piece is if I'm being completely honest with you.  It is a piece that Solomon had in his possession at the time of the Temple, but it is also a contemporary piece, because it was a piece that Solomon obtained by learning how to travel to the future.  See, he was a smart guy and figured out how to time travel using space patterns and sacred geometry.  If God can do it, why can't we?  We're created in his image.  Anyhow he brought this piece with him from the future, knowing that his magic would be way far advanced by then.  He used it to actually make his magic more powerful than it was originally supposed to be if that makes sense?  The point is, this piece is timeless.  It really doesn't have an age.  It's from the past and the present.  It has travelled through all ages of time, so for me to say, "Oh yeah this piece is from 19 blah blah blah would probably be a lie.  It's not really important anyhow.  The power in this piece is what is important.  This holds the original powers of a 3rd Degree mason.  It is the art of sacred geometry to alter the human soul to be perfect in the form we were meant to become that's called, "In God's image."  

This piece provides the power that opens up your body to become a vessel of pure magic.  Believe it or not, it's not just white magic.  It's dual magic.  God has created ALL things, thus he has accommodated the good with the bad.  He is dual, but prefers to take a white light form because he really is a fair and just God, who loves his people.  This piece gives you all the secrets of alchemy and space and time travel and sorcery and all kinds of magic.  It literally is the brains of magic, as it contains all the magic that Solomon-- as an entity and formless soul, not as a mortal-- has learned.  Trust me, he is still growing and so will this piece grow as long he keeps on keeping on.  It is the most progressive, powerfully magic piece that I've come into contact with for a LOONNGG  time.  It's no wonder the royal family has tried so hard to keep it in their possession for as long as possible.  What it was doing in the boondocks in Central PA, I'll never understand.  Perhaps it was being transported to the secret military compound in Adams County, PA known as Ravens Rock and these midget pyramids were a good charging point for the piece?  Makes sense to me.  However, I'll never know for sure.  We made it back safe, by the way, in case you were wondering.  With the piece.  Now, this piece is being offered, exclusively as a commodity of Haunted Curiosities.  As I'm sure you guess, this piece is a genuine One of a Kind, so once it's gone, it's gone.  If you have the slightest inkling that would be destiny kicking you the ass like, "Duh, you NEED to have this piece."  Don't doubt your gut instinct, this piece is AMAZING!! 



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