Jesus Americana-- the Path of the Prophet,A MOST IMPORTANT PIECE

With Christmas just around the corner, and our Black Friday Sale about to be in full swing, I thought that listing this piece would be appropriate.  We are all accustom to the the traditional story.  Mary saw an angel, she was impregnated with the Lord's child by immaculate conception and gave birth to Baby Jesus in a barn.  Three wise men came to see him and then-- BAM!-- 33 years later he shows up as the Messiah of the world to save us all from our transgressions.  Don't get me wrong.  I love my Jesus and think that the Bible is a wonderful tool to learn from.  However, there is so much more to Jesus' life than what is written about by a handful of men that the Council of Trent decided to put in the King James Bible.  Generally speaking, however, this is the version we have all grown to accept as the begin-all, end-all tale of how things went down.  

This piece is a testament to the powers that Jesus practiced elsewhere in a land where he was known as the "Great White Prophet."  To everybody's surprise this is an item that traces its powers back to Native American roots.  Yes, that's right folks-- these power come straight from the Americas, where Jesus came to "preach the good news" for years before he was crucified back home in Jerusalem. 

During his stay in American, Jesus travelled from tribe to tribe, speaking over 1,000 languages, healing the sick, raising the dead, and performing a vast amount of other  miraculous powers such as he had in the Middle East.  The difference is that the Native Americans, who saw the world through aged and wise eyes, were much more receptive to his magic and teachings than the other, more civilized cultures of the Middle East.  The were more receptive to the things he had to say and more in tune with his esoteric messaged and prophecies.  The Native Americans took what Jesus had to show them, fused it with their own magic and created an even more powerful magic than what either one of them would have been on their own!  

A friend of mine is part of a Native American tribe called the Kansa, or Wind People.  It is a tribe that Kansas attributes its name too, if you couldn't already tell.  During my travels, I was able to make my way to Kansas to meet up with my friend and a few other elders of his tribe.  As a favor to me, they agreed to help me make this piece.  

This piece was made during an incantation dance ceremony of the Kansa elders.  It draws the powers of the teaching of the Great White Prophet.  It brings with it his magic and his divination.  Basically, what this means is that the person who uses this piece is going gain all the knowledge of the Great White Prophet-- who just so happens to be Jesus Christ.  Taking this into consideration, the powers in this piece are the direct white light powers of Christ. 

Keep in mind this piece also holds ancient Native American powers.  It combines these with the white light of God.  Thus, this piece is a spirit journey piece that will allow you to meditate and astrally travel through the seven realms of Heaven.  It will give you all the powers and knowledge of the teachings of the Messiah, including all the secret teachings and messages of God that have been written in the Bible and other sacred writings and texts.  

This knowledge will allow you to travel freely through the realms of Heaven to unlock all sorts of secret powers, magic, and new christ-like abilities, for example, white light healing, sacred necromancy, white sorcery, and angelic shape-shifting.  This piece is very powerful and very spiritual.  If you are big into white magic, then this is a must have for your collection!!
NOTE* There is a lot more to this piece. First of all what I believe to be the most important was not in the listing and so this MUST be added. One of the thing this does is that it will allow your mind to become full knowing. That means that people either religious or political will be revealed to you as to who they really are. Now I know that some of you may not find this to be of interest but for myself I KNOW that MANY of you need this! I know from going on the forum and from some of your emails. This is actually so important that we will be doing a radio show in this piece next week. Not just the piece iteself but by many who are being totally fooled right now by many things that are going on. When I realized how many of you there were I was astounded! But then again we are told that many will not see clearly in these times. This piece will also allow you to gain wealth you will need and a easier life so that you can get through the times ahead. This is NOT a wealth piece per se but it gives it not in greed but to help you sustain so that you may survive and those times are coming,make no mistake. So combined with everything else specified in hhis listing you are also getting the knowledge that I just wrote about which to me is most important. So with the direct guide of Christ you will also survive.
Jesus Americana-- the Path of the Prophet,A MOST IMPORTANT PIECE
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